My Marvel Now Dilemma

The idea of Marvel Now was to streamline the universe a bit with a soft reboot and make things more accessible to new readers. In a way they’ve succeeded with new #1 issues and new team formations that make it easier for a noob or a returning noob (like me) to get on board. In another way, they’ve gone completely insane.


I suppose part of the idea behind the relaunch was to spread out Marvel’s two current big franchises, The Avengers and the X-Men by mixing up their worlds after the events of AvX. In theory there is no problem with this. However, take a look at the number of books currently associated with these two franchises.


-Avengers Arena

-New Avengers

-Secret Avengers

-Uncanny Avengers

-Young Avengers

-Avengers Assemble

(and the soon to be) –Avengers A.I.

 The X-Family is just as bad:

-All-New X-Men

-Cable & X-Force

-Uncanny X-Force

-Uncanny X-Men


-X-Men Legacy

-Wolverine And The X-Men



I’m not even counting the solo titles some of these team members appear in. I never thought I’d see the day when there were two X-Force books. I long for the bygone era of just the Avengers and West Coast Avengers. I thought it was spiraling out of control in 1991 after the Muir Island Saga split the X-Men into two teams and the extended family included a rebranded X-Factor, X-Force, Excalibur and eventually Generation X.  The younger me knew Marvel was spreading the popular X franchise way too thin back then, but I would have never guessed the lengths it would go to in the future.

The team affiliation thing drives me crazy too. Characters should be regulated to appear on one team book and team book only. A solo book is fine too, but there is no reason Wolverine should be on four different teams. It’s insanity, confusing and helps muck up any continuity.


Some of you may be saying, Biff what about DC? I’m sure they do it too (I know Batman and his extended family have a kajillion titles) but I’m a DC novice so I don’t feel comfortable trashing them.

I do understand from a business perspective that it’s all just supply and demand with those teams and characters. But relax a little Marvel your oversaturating your market. You don’t want people to turn on you and hate these characters, do you? Well, just ease off a little and stop putting them down our throat.

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  1. Have to agree, there is a lot of good books in Marvel Now — what I have a problem with isn’t the amount of books but the double-shipping, which just kills my attempts at setting a monthly budget and sticking to it. I decided to start reading Venom because I thought the new version of the character sounded interesting, and I like Cullen Bunn’s writing — I swear in three months there was six issues. I dropped the book without even reading through all of them. I’m really getting to the point where I’m going to start doing Marvel in trades so I have control over what I’m buying and when.

  2. You know the worst part? Almost all those books are solid. I hate the concept of Arena, Avengers has been disappointingly impersonal, and I’ve found WatXM to be crap, But beyond that, they’re all really good, well-written books. They’re proving that they deserve to keep going. So they’re oversaturating the market with quality titles. That just makes things awkward.

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