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What’s going on Evil Geeks!?!?  Welcome back to an all-new Evil Geek Book Report!  You may have surmised from my constant reviewing of and praise for Deadpool, that I might just be a little bit of a Deadpool fan.  Guilty as charged!  Issue #8 of the new ongoing series kicks off a brand new story arc from the writing team of Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, with art by Tony Moore.  The first story arc featuring zombie ex-Presidents was one of the best things I’ve read in a while, so this arc’s got some big shoes to fill.  How does it hold up?  Read on and find out!


Deadpool is still trying to deal with the death of Agent Preston, more accurately he’s trying to deal with her soul taking up residence in his brain.  Much to his credit, Wade is trying to be as welcoming as possible to the consciousness of his recently deceased friend and has even gone so far as to throw her a welcoming party in his mind featuring dozens of little mini-Deadpool’s running around (most likely other personalities and aspects of Wade’s shattered psyche).  Neither of them are too thrilled to be in the predicament, so Deadpool vows to find a way to put Agent Preston into another body.  First things first though, Wade’s going to pay a visit to Agent Preston’s son, so she can see how her family is doing after her death.


Deadpool slips into Agent Preston’s house while everyone’s asleep so that Preston can get a look at her boy.  Her son wakes up to find Deadpool in his room, waiting with a message from his mom.  Comedy aside, it’s a really touching scene when you think about it.  A young boy who just lost his mother days ago, waking up to find a supehero (well, not necessarily a superhero, just Wade) in his house who tells him that his Mom’s night quite dead and that he’ll find a way to help her get back to him.  A sad little boy, getting his biggest wish…awwwwww.  My heart would be melting right now if it weren’t an icy, black stone.  Wade being Wade, and also not being the best person to be around kids, he handles the situation in typical Deadpool fashion, cracking jokes the entire time.


After leaving Preston’s house, Deadpool runs across an old friend. Vetis, the demon we met in last month’s “flashback” issue.  Vetis got dragged to hell last issue after Wade screwed him over on the deal to capture Tony Stark’s soul and he’s been spending the last 30 or so years being tortured and doesn’t look quite as slick as he did before.  He’s a little vexed over his last encounter with Deadpool, so Vetis tells Wade that he must kill four people who’ve previously made deals with Vetis so that he can reap their souls.  If Wade doesn’t comply with the request, Vetis will kill Deadpool’s only remaining “friend”, Michael, the necromancer responsible for resurrecting the Presidents (Who also has a deal of his own with Vetis).  Wade needs Michael to help restore Agent Preston to the land of the living, so he agrees and sets off to cross off the first name on the list; a flamboyant bank-robber who made a deal with Vetis in exchange for bulletproof skin.

After dealing with the first soul seller, the story takes a completely unexpected turn.  I don’t want to give too much of the story away; but let’s say there’s some harvesting involved and I’m not talking about crops.  It seems there’s someone rich and powerful out there using Deadpool for spare parts.  The baddie remains shrouded in mystery right now, but it’s made clear that this isn’t the first time it’s happened to Wade and most likely not the last either.

Growing up on a steady diet of comic books, action movies, Bugs Bunny, and stand-up comedy, this book is seriously right up my alley.  It’s a style very reminiscent of the Lethal Weapon movies (2 on of course, as the first one is straight up action!), which are huge favorites of mine.  Slapstick comedy meets  high action; how can you go wrong with that combination?  Well, the movie “Bulletproof” with Adam Sandler and Damon Wayans springs to mind as a stark example of how one can go wrong with that formula, but luckily Deadpool manages to bring the funny and the bang-bang every month.  This is the one book that I purchase every month as soon as it goes on sale.  I’ve been heaping so much praise on this book over the past few months that it’s starting to get a little redundant.  To avoid sounding like a broken record, this will probably be the last Evil Geek Book Report on Deadpool until the end of this next arc, but you can be sure that The Brotherhood will be back real soon with Reports on a host of other books!

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