Panel Of The Day 5/4/13

Today’s ridiculous panel comes from Daredevil #120, cover date 1975. Which sadly, isn’t THAT long ago for this to be ok to be printed in a comic book. I’m really not sure what else to say about this other than perhaps Matt Murdock had been hanging out in the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency offices with Don Draper. Or maybe it’s something he learned from Batman?


Let this infamous panel act as a reminder to all of you out there celebrating Free Comic Book Day. Don’t let any costumed freaks sexually harass you, especially if they tell you they’re blind.

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  1. I agree, this panel is terrible.

    What makes Natasha think she can talk back to a man like that?

    More seriously, that was a terrible relationship they always had. It really was. I read those comics, and man, it was not good for either of them. And I honestly have no idea if maybe that was supposed to be the point, or if we were supposed to be rooting for them.

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