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Last night I had the pleasure to catch Iron Man 3 and it was pretty awesome! The hype around this movie has been building for quite some time, ever since The Avengers dominated the box office and the world last summer that is. In Iron Man 3 we see a post-Avengers Tony Stark and watch him deal with the fact that there is a lot more out there than he ever knew. I’ll go into some details, but plan not to spoil the film all too much, but if you’ve kept yourself away from everything thus far, then go see this flick, otherwise you have been warned…

OK, so again, I’ll be vague-ish, but there’s gonna be some spoilers in here! Iron Man 3 in many ways is an extension of the story of the guy that we know but at the same time it feels totally different (but in a good way.) The film starts out with a flashback tale that brings Tony back to New Years Eve in 1999 where he meets Maya Hansen; a bio technologist who is working on a way to use the brain and the nervous system to heal and ultimately upgrade the body. He also meets and blows off a man named Aldrich Killian who is starting a think-tank call Advanced Ideas Mechanics (or A.I.M. for short.) Maya’s research has a glitch which causes literal explosions that she hopes to get help with from Tony, instead he decides to get her in the sack and then leaves her a thank you note in the morning. Flash-forward to the modern day and we see Tony playing with his suits, somewhat shaken from his experiences with the Avengers, and living in a world where there is a mass murdering terrorist on the TV called The Mandarin who is gunning for America!


Okay, so the comic fan in me starts buzzing because both Maya and Killian are big parts of the Warren Ellis Ironman run that introduced a little thing called Extremis, which basically re-wired Iron Man in the comics universe for awhile. And extremis plays a big role in this flick and although it’s definitely different than the Ellis story, it is done well. The Mandarin in many ways was considered THE Iron Man villain for some time and Ben Kingsley gives a great performance as a terrorist mastermind, but be aware that there is more below the surface than what we see in the first hour of the film. The rest of the cast of characters is back; Pepper, Rhodey, and even Happy play an integral role in the movie. Pepper has taken over as CEO of Stark Industries, with Happy as her chief of security and Rhodey has upgraded his War Machine armor with a more American theme called the Iron Patriot. Oh and don’t forget about Dummy and Butterfingers, they totally make an appearance too! Although the Mandarin is a looming threat for the world, all seems okay in Tony’s world until Happy get’s hurt real bad and the Mandarin takes credit for the attack. This puts Stark on the offensive and the Mandarin’s forces meet him in his home and we get to see the scene from the trailer where the Malibu house gets destroyed. The entire sequence is well done and I’d say that its quite noticable that after the smash hit of The Avengers, that Marvel has put quite a bit more money into the effects than in the previous 2 movies.



From this point in the movie it somewhat turns into a revenge flick and we get to see less Iron and more Man. Downey Jr. plays this role so well and it’s insane sometimes how much he allows you to suspend disbelief and just take him for this character. In my opinion, we see a more resourceful Tony Stark and again it feels a whole lot like the way that the character was written in Matt Fractions Stark Disassembled story, but don’t worry. By the climax of this film you will have your fill of all sorts of different armors that are out there! (In fact it was so cool and I really want to write about it, but I’d rather you see it because it rocked!)


Shane Black took over directing duties from Jon Favreau on this movie and at first I’ll say that I was a little mad simply because I really liked Jon’s take on Stark, but Mr. Black’s movie did not disappoint. The story beats moved quite well and I didn’t feel bored at all. With that said, there is a much different tone in this movie than in the previous two installments. It had the feel of a superhero movie, along with a Tom Clancy film, and a dash of a 90’s action movie with some really funny lines in it! At one point in the movie, both Stark and Rhodey lose their armor and I swear to god it’s a buddy cop movie for a scene or two… but it works! At the end of the show, I was entertained and as with most Marvel movies we got a little something-something at the end, which is a good laugh and totally worth it.


The only thing that I guess put me off is that there wasn’t any sort of a SHIELD presence in the film,, which seemed really odd to me. I mean, they were in both previous movies and Tony in many ways was the star of The Avengers, so it just seemed a little odd is all. But maybe they’re trying not to flood the market now that Coulson has departed the Marvel Cinematic Universe plane.

Overall I think that you are really going to like this movie. It’s a stark contrast (no pun intended) to the previous two installments, but is a fun and entertaining movie with a good story to it. I’d recommend going to check it out, maybe even a couple times! Keep your eye out for an upcoming podcast where we go through this movie and spoil the hell out of it and let you know our take on this first summer blockbuster… we promise, we’ll give you time to see it before we release it!


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  1. Good review. Some of the decisions the movie makes are a bit risky, but it always stayed fun and entertaining and I can’t hate on it for that.

    • I just came from watching it and absolutely loved it! Shane Black did such a great job with that movie. We’re going to be recording a podcast on it soon, so stay tuned!

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