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Pulp! The Classics combines two things that I love in a glorious fashion, the art of the pulp genre/film noir and classic literature. They’ve introduced a line of 8 books you may recognize from your high school English class but redesigned to look dark and seedy and have the smoke filled room vibe of an old school film noir poster or 1940’s pulp novel. These even come complete with a hardboiled tagline.


How about a little Bogart for your Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights?


Jay Gatsby was already a hard drinking badass hung up on a dame, so The Great Gatsby was a natural fit for this. He’s never looked quite as awesome as he does here, tapping into the 1949 Alan Ladd version of the movie.


If you’re a fan of this stuff like I am, it’s too hard to pass up. I can’t imagine a teacher handing me a well known book like these with that kind of cover, it definitely would have made me rethink any of my preconceived notions on them.

You can see the rest of the series and order any of the books on the Pulp! The Classics website.

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