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Villain Spotlight: Captain Cold

A frosty good day to you all my loyal rogues. Your boy Arthur is back again this week with another Villain Spotlight. During Free Comic Book day, the Geeks did a live podcast at Earthworld Comics in Albany, NY. The turn out was amazing, but the thing that interested me the most was a little kid who’s favorite character was the Flash. This brought a tear to Big Evil’s villainous eye, and an idea hit me. In honor of that kid and the fact that Big Evil loves the Flash so much, today I will be bringing the spotlight onto a member of the Flash’s rogue’s gallery. So suit up and make sure you have some warm clothing, because Captain Cold is coming to town!

captain cold

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Cover(s) Of The Day 5/31/13

Today’s first Cover Of The Day is fresh off the comic racks. Fatale #14 is written by Ed Brubaker and drawn immaculately by his long time collaborator, Sean Phillips. Fatale is a series that has had a lot of excellent covers to choose from but when I saw this one I fell in love with it immediately. It appeals to the Indiana Jones and pulp nerd inside me. We’re talking Nazis, the occult, a hint of film noir and a badass heroine ready to kick some serious ass in the 1940’s. What’s not to like?


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Evil Geeks On the Road: Meltdown Comics


Hey there Evil Geeks!  It’s been a while since I’ve checked in, that’s because I’ve been on  a rare sojourn out of the Evil Lair.  Every so often, it’s good to escape the dank confines of our most vile headquarters and seek out strange new wonderments, much in the manner of Fraggle Rock’s Uncle Traveling Matt.  Not every Evil Geek gets to make it out of the Lair so often, so we like to scout out locations and report back our findings in case other members of our Evil cadre find themselves in those areas in the future.  This time my yearly walkabout brought me to the sunny skies of Southern California, where I found myself at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles!

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Horror of Horrors: Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight!

Good day to you all my monstrous readers! Your boy Arthur is back today with another installment of Horror of Horrors! Your weekly dose of all that is fucked up and horrifying in the world of movies , books and gaming. Today I am bringing to you something I watched when I was a younger lad, but still watch rather often. I am talking about a story of demons, angels, Jesus and Billy Zane! I bring to you Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight. So strap into your wobbly mine cart because this one is going to be rather campy and wonderful.

demon knight title

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MINE OF STEEL is here!

Hey Nerds!

So back in January we showed you a Man of Steel trailer made entirely of legos and it was pretty impressive, but with June 14th just around the corner the Super-Craziness has gotten to a whole new level and we’ve got another Man of Steel trailer redux for you, and this one’s made entirely in Minecraft! Thanks to our friends at Machinima for posting this. So sit back, relax, and enjoy MINE OF STEEL!
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Pulp Corner: Laura

Film Noir comes in many different styles and movie conventions with the foremost usually being crime and mystery. In the past I never would have considered that to be a favorite of mine but in the last few years it’s been such a foundation of the movies I’ve watched and the books I’ve read that I’ve come to accept it for what it is. When it comes to mysteries in film noir sometimes they make the movie work and sometimes they are just the means to an end without comprising the quality of the film.

Recently, I finally got around to watching ‘Laura’ the 1944 movie directed by Otto Preminger. It’s been one of those highly regarded noirs that I’ve heard about for years but hadn’t had the chance to watch. The title character played by Gene Tierney is dead before the movie begins and it’s only through flashbacks (a noir staple) that we piece together her story.


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