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Hello hello hello everyone. Today I have a special treat in store for you all. In honor of the season finale of The Vikings, I will be writing this recap/review live as I watch the show. It is as if you guys will be watching it with me. Well then, it has begun, and let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

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The episode opens up with Ragnar meeting up with the neighboring lord of King Horik. Horik has requested of Ragnar to head over and check into the claims this lord is making that some of Horik’s land is actually his. Ragnar and the lord speak and it seems that the king is rather aware of Ragnar’s exploits. This could come in handy later on for our merry band. Normally if someone’s reputation, especially in times of no Facebook or things of that sort, means that person isn’t really someone to fuck with. Ragnar requests what price the lord is asking to drop all of the claims he is making, and the lord responds by saying that the land is priceless, although he would accept Horik’s head. They talk it over and they agree to send one of Ragnar’s men back to Horik and let him know the deal. I have a feeling Horik isn’t really going to take it well, and since I vaguely remember Donal Logue fighting Blade at one point, this could be interesting. Ragnar states that Rollo will stay with the lord and his men as a sign of good faith while Ragnar and a few of his other men go to visit an ashe tree that us famous among the lord’s men for never losing its leaves, whether it be summer or winter. I am assuming it is a ficus….or possibly one of those plastic plants. They even say that some call it Yggdrasil, which is the World Tree for those who do not know, which is awesome.

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Lagertha is shown visiting the seer and is wondering what she should do about getting some more sons for Ragnar, to which the seer responds that she should try to speak to her gods personally, which I am assuming is rather difficult. I have been trying to contact Odin for years, and nothing. But I am not bitter, just anxious. Moving on. The seer also warns that Ragnar is in danger, not from sword or shield, but from a magical force. Is it the gods, or is it possibly something else? This show isn’t really based on supernatural elements, and I am hoping it stay that way. I love me some magic, but I just don’t see it fitting in with this show in particular. We come back from commercial and we see the lord speaking with Rollo. The lord seems to be aware of a slight conflict with Rollo, and asks how things have been going with Ragnar, even gifting Rollo with a story of some pretty fucked up family memories. Backstabbing, poisoning, gouging eyes out and immolating people. That’s why you never have Thanksgiving at your own place. Rollo’s jealousy of Ragnar is very prevalent, and it seems to get to him very quickly when people even remotely question his life status. It’s rather petty, but I can see where he is coming from. He feels like he is in his brother’s shadow, even though Ragnar doesn’t even gloat or boast about anything in front of him or in any antagonistic fashion.

A couple of Ragnar’s men get caught spying on some naked women by the river, and she demands that Ragnar issue an apology to her, to which Ragnar is rather intrigued. He sees it as a challenge, and feels he is up to it. He invites her to join them, either with clothes, or without clothes….which is the beginning to every college party invitation ever. Lagertha is seemingly becoming either suspicious of Ragnar or nervous, and states that he is a danger to himself. I am not entirely sure what she is referring to just yet, but I am thinking she sees something nobody else sees. Possibly self destructive behavior on our protagonist’s part? Who knows?


The naked woman who caught his men staring by the river joins Ragnar, and it seems they may be hitting it off. This could be bad for everyone. I know you want some more sons Ragnar, but this may be pushing it. I wouldn’t put it past Lagertha to cut your balls off in the middle of the night….no offense. We see Siggy walking around now before looking rather sickly and taking a huge nosedive into the floor. She looks like she may have caught something. This could be possibly detrimental to her plans for getting back to the top with Rollo. If she winds up dying, it could be a major setback for Rollo. He is a very capable warrior, but he doesn’t seem to be able to grasp the whole subtlety of proper espionage or have the sort of cunning that Siggy has shown she has. After being married to the Earl for so long, on can assume she has picked up a few tricks.

We come back from commercial to see Ragnar and his son standing by the ashe tree, and they speak about how Odin hung on the tree for nine days before being shown the runes. I really love how much of the mythology they are putting in the show. It makes my warrior’s heart beat in earnest. We shoot back to Lagertha and it seems Siggy has taken a turn for the worse. Everyone also seems to be sick and we see Athalstan walking around helping the sick. We also find out that Ragnar’s son doesn’t really approve of his father flirting and making a fool of himself with the new woman. He states what I said earlier, and I laughed when he blurts that Lagertha would’ve cut his balls off. Athalstan also seems to have gotten sick now, along with Siggy’s daughter, and Lagertha seems to be the only one who isn’t sick. Ragnar finds out that the woman he is flirting with is actually a princess whose parents are dead. They begin to make out, and I am sure Ragnar is going to be getting some of that royal booty. This is most likely going to get ugly.

ragnar and princess

Ragnar’s son wakes up to him and the princess boning it up, and he looks sorely disappointed in his father. Will he tell his mother? Or will he keep the info to himself? This is a pretty messed up situation that Ragnar has gotten his son into, and we see the first signs of Ragnar looking elsewhere for sons. He is rather determined to get some more boys, which leads us to believe he is looking to get a football team put together. In all honesty, it is kind of a fucked up thing to do considering she really just had a miscarriage. His son feels the same, and states his is disgusted with him, as Ragnar says he can tell her if he wants. He can’t help himself. His son makes him swear it won’t happen again, and Ragnar does so. Maybe he feels a bit of remorse?

ragnar's son

On a side note, in honor of this being the season finale, this will be a rather long article, and as I type that, people are dying to this disease. I don’t know what it is, but everyone is getting fucked up by it. The princess sneaks into Ragnar’s tent, and proceeds to try and get some of that late night sexy time, but Ragnar remembers his promise and denies her, much to the awake son’s approval. Good on ya Ragnar. Lagertha sacrifices an animal in hopes of lifting this plague, and in the morning, Athalstan wakes up, but sees that Ragnar’s daughter has died. Ragnar’s son still seems to have some lingering bitter feelings at his father and casts him some dirty looks. And a bombshells is just dropped as the princess just rolls up and states how she is carrying Ragnar’s kid. This is getting pretty serious now. Ragnar isn’t really sure how to take that news, and just flops onto his back. He did want more sons, but is this the way of going about it bro?

Ragnar’s messenger, Floki is back and they hold a dinner to see what Horik has responded with to the lord’s demands. Horik apprantly says no deal, and continues to ask his price for the land. The lord tells them that they should leave in the morning, unless they renounce their allegiance to Horik, to which Ragnar does not do so. Floki continues to shovel food into his gullet without being perturbed by the turn of events. We see a funeral being held as Lagertha mourns the loss of her child. Not a good day for her at all. Ragnar is still wondering what the gods have in store for him, and cuts a pretty big opening on his hand before wiping the blood down his face, aparrantly unaware of Purell. The lord is speaking with Rollo, and it appears that he is trying to recruit him to try and get back his lands since Ragnar is not doing so. Ragnar’s son sees a raven in his window, and he takes that as a sort of omen. Ragnar is shown skulking around, as the lord and Rollo speak. Rollo is being asked some pretty fucked up questions, but he is keeping tight lipped for the moment. I am curious as to what he is going to respond with. Before he can say anything though, Ragnar bursts into the room of the princess, and we are all taken for a twist. Lagertha looks over he daughter’s pyre, as Ragnar put his head to the princess’s belly in hopes of hearing the baby. Its been literally two days man, calm down. Rollo makes his answer known and says he will fight with the lord against his brother, and shit just got fucking real.

rollo at the lord's

Wow…what an episode. Much like last week, there was no fighting involved, but it was still so intense. I honestly can’t believe that Ragnar is a baby daddy to another women, all while his daughter has died without him knowing. This episode sort of made a few people look like total dicks, but that is the nature of the beast. I also really hope that you guys enjoyed this live running play by play of the season final of Vikings. This was a first for me, and i had a blast bringing it to you all, my beautiful vikings. Unfortunately though, this will be the last Vikings write up for a while, but don’t think that will be the last. There is a season two coming, and you guys can always catch me with the geeks. I am really looking forward to seeing what they do with this show, and how they resolve this awesome season ender. Could make for some fantastic television.  Until next season!! For Odin! For Ragnar! And for Asgard!!

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  1. I just watched this on youtube. Horik is a loose cannon on deck. He wants to kill Ragnar and is going to use the Borg to do it. The Borg wants to negotiate, but he’s smart enough to see that’s not what this is all about. Rollo sees his brother betray his wife and son, and he’s getting out before he gets the betrayal too. Afterall, he got left behind with the Borg, just like the English King’s brother got kidnapped (remember what happened) Rollo is an ass, but not stupid, he’s more cunning because he saw what Horik was doing. The Borg and Rollo are going to attempt to become legit, and get a piece of a real kingdom and they are going to do deals not just raiding. Next season, I think the Borg will pretend to Kidnap Rollo and kill him. When Ragnar shows up for the Battle, he will see Rollo Alive and fighting for the other side. Ragnar’s men will see that he betrayed his brother, and it will ruin Moral. I think Ragnar will escape. Horik will eventually become toast some time this season, as the Borg takes him out.

    • you know, I didn’t actually think of it that way. That’s an awesome observation though. self preservation is definitely human instinct, but at what cost? I know Ragnar has some broader scope in his mind in terms of raiding, but Rollo would seem like a guy to be more of a fan of permanent salvation. He goes through the baptism lightly, but you never know. maybe some day he’ll come to accept it entirely? It was not uncommon for Vikings to convert at that point, and Rollo would be technically better for it, but once again, at what cost? I agree though that Horik is slightly more entitled with himself than he should be, and that could lead to folly. Ragnar is really just trying to be more adventurous and go for what he thinks is right, and Rollo is doing the same. Hopefully, it will come down to the two of them fighting for their lives…but together rather than apart. Rollo already had a chance to screw Ragnar over, but he didn’t, which could go to show his true intentions in the long run. Good call though

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