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I know I haven’t been around in a little while and thats because I’ve become just a little bit addicted to Injustice: Gods Among Us on both the platform systems and iOS! So in my review of the game I mentioned that Lobo was one of the announced DLC characters with at least another 3 more coming soon and over the weekend NetherRealm Studios released a trailer of the Main Main himself in action. Have a look see…

OK, for starters his move-set seems pretty cool. One of the trademarks of the Last Czarnian is his bike, which he uses to enter the arena. Along with that we get to use his sawed-off shotgun and his titanium chain with the hook to snatch opponents towards him, similar to Wonder Woman’s lasso. I didn’t quite catch it in the trailer, but I’m sure that this bad ass has some frag grenades to hurl too! His finisher brings his bike back into the fold and he ends in classic Lobo style, by flipping off his opponent!

Okay, so if seeing Lobo tear apart the competition wasn’t enough, NeatherRealm went ahead and threw a little something extra in here for us too, namely a Flashpoint Batman skin! The current Flashpoint pack includes Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Deathstroke, so I wonder if they may throw this in as part of the season pass or if you have to buy it separate? In case you didn’t read the series, in the Flashpoint alternate reality Batman was actually Thomas Wayne who decided to hand out justice after his young son Bruce was killed… a real badass story and the lead into the New 52 as well, so get your hands on that if you haven’t read it yet!


No official word from NeatherRealm right now on Flashpoint Batman, but the Main Man can be downloaded on May 7th!

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  1. I want sinestro corp batman haha. and maybe a robin costume for nightwing?

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