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Greetings my lovelies! It seems the geeks have been showing our good buddy Daredevil a lot of love these past couple weeks. Growing from slight interest into full blown obsession, the character has taken on a life of its own amongst the geeks. Whether it be his alter ego Matt Murdock or any of his rogue’s gallery, we have been enamored with the crimson angel. But today is not a day for angels, as you all know, Fridays belong to the devils. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honor that I bring you this week’s spotlight, the sharp shooting menace known as Bullseye!


I would like to start off just by saying that I never really cared all that much for Bullseye when I was younger. I thought he was relatively bland and just didn’t understand how he could possibly match up with anyone when he didn’t have any real powers of his own. Little did I know that he had a power set hidden away that I never really understood until I got a bit older. His cracked mind. Bullseye is a psychopath, and he plays to it with extreme relish. He gets off on the fact that he is hurting you in more ways than just physical. Having no qualms about killing people right in front of you, or hunting down your loved ones, he will do anything and everything to get the job done. His skills as a marksman help in performing feats of skill that really should not be possible. Using any instrument he can find, he will throw it with such deadly accuracy that you will be questioning what he hit you with long after everything is over. It’s an amazing accomplishment that really needs to be given a bit more merit. It’s a shame that I didn’t get into him as much when I was a kid, but its okay, as now I can give him my full attention…..(don’t even think about it).

bullseye 2

Bullseye’s origin story is a bit rough around the edges, even going so far as to state that most of it was fabricated by Bullseye himself. If I was given a chance, I would also create my own backstory…with blackjack…and hookers….and a blind arch nemesis. It seems that the most talked about, or mentioned aspect would be the abusive father. It always seems to be that which spawns villainous acts…which makes me think that if I ever have kids, I will be the best damn father on the planet, mainly to avoid my untimely death in a blaze of fire and hate. That was slightly dark, but whatever…deal with it. Just be a good dad you dicks. Anyways, stories alternate and state that Bullseye also had a brother, who’s favorite pastime was shooting his rifle, which belies that he may be related to Luke Skywalker, who also seems to have nothing better to do than shoot things in the desert…once again…be a better father. This is where some accounts say that Bullseye learned to be a marksman, and to be honest, I’m not sure I would believe that….but then again, Luke was a pretty good shot and pilot, so maybe there is a correlation. They also state how he had a pretty good career playing some minor league baseball, and do to his fantastic aim, was a phenomenal pitcher and even played a major league game, unfortunately not staring Wesley Snipes though. He grew bored during the final inning after pitching a near perfect game, and decided to have his coach take him out. So badass. His coach refused, so he did what any good person would do, and threw a pitch directly into the batter’s face, killing him, and the only word he said after the act was “Bullseye”. Fucking hardass. Accounts tend to be slightly skewed and between retcon’s and reworking the stories, but this seems to be the most accurate in terms of actual origins. But that isn’t what you are here for is it? You’re here to witness his dastardly deeds, as am I.

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Bullseye and Daredevil have had a pretty brutal and fucked up relationship over the course of their run ins with each other. Whether it be killing Elektra (thank god), or playing with Murdock’s emotions over his former lovers and the people he cares about, he always seems to know exactly which buttons to push. Daredevil is a master of many things, but sometimes, even the best of us can lose our shit. However, Daredevil always seems to have Bullseye’s number and soundly defeats him multiple times in battle, and tarnishes Bullseye’s reputation. Eventually, all of his attempts turn into a sort of running joke among the crime lords and people involved in the Marvel universe. Angered and bolstered by the embarrassments he endured throughout the years, he heard that the Kingpin had hired Elektra as his new top assassin, and in a battle for the ages (also Biff Tannen’s favorite DD cover), Bullseye impaled Elektra on her own sai, only to find out that Kingpin will only hire him back if he kills Daredevil. Not being able to, Daredevil throws Bullseye off of a roof where he lands on a telephone wire that breaks his back and paralyzes him. What follows is one of the most ridiculous and fantastic situations ever, in which Murdock shows up to the hospital Bullseye is recovering in, and forces him to play a two man version of Russian roulette. Knowing that the gun isn’t actually loaded, Daredevil invoked fear and humility in Bullseye, and makes him take the attempts with the highest odds of firing the bullet. Bullseye still credits this as his most offensive and anger inducing moment with Murdock, and I credit it as a boner inducing moment.

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Bullseye eventually has adamantium laced over his bones by a Japanese scientist, which restored his mobility and he returned to his hired ways. I am not totally sure that he still has the adamantium  skeleton, considering Wolverine can barely handle it, but it’s still an awesome addition to his set. He escapes back to his homeland, and battles heroes like Captain America and the like, unfortunately always losing. At one point, he even took the role of Daredevil over after he acquired amnesia. He even went so far as to fully becoming Daredevil and would not let the mantle up after the real Daredevil returned, and in his confusion and paranoia, left himself open to another defeat at the hands of Murdock. They battled again later on, and in an amazing battle on rooftops, Daredevil revealed something to Bullseye he didn’t think anyone knew, which is that his real name is Lester, his mother was a prostitute and he never knew his real father, further adding to the fact that his previous origins were all or mostly fabricated. Imagine that….as you are getting your ass kicked and falling off a roof, our most hated adversary lets you know he knows more than you think, and lets you stew in that on the ride down to the pavement. So awesome.

bullseye 5

Eventually during the Siege storyline, Bullseye joins the Thunderbolts under Norman Osborne and is sent on missions to take care of things quickly and quietly. In a battle with American Eagle (worst name ever), he is overmatched and has his neck broken, rendering him paralyzed again. Through nanotech though he is able to walk again, and joins Osborne’s team of Dark Avengers, taking on the role of Hawkeye….and I never thought twice about it, because if there is a hero counterpart to Bullseye in terms of skills, it would be Hawkeye. He plays Hawkeye well, but still murders and kills people for almost no reason, giving him a bad reputation even for Osborne. And when Osborne sees you as a liability, you are clearly in a whole different league of villainy.

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Bullseye eventually learns that his old nemesis Daredevil has become a part of the Hand, a crew of supernatural ninjas, and even intends to lead them. Bullseye and Daredevil battle, only to lose but remark how if Daredevil had only killed him years ago, nobody would’ve had to die. This breaks Murdock’s hold on his psyche, and causes him to go somewhat ruthless. They battle again later one, with Bullseye easily defeating the ninjas sent after him, but he is unable to handle Daredevil’s new found savagery, and is beaten . Daredevil even impales him with a sai, mirroring the death he caused Elektra. That wasn’t enough for Murdock, as he crashed Bullseye’s funeral and attempts to resurrect him as a member of the Hand, which would’ve been absolutely amazing to me. However, Daredevil is stopped by a group of heroes who are appalled by his actions.

bullseye 7

Not too much else has happened with our favorite psycho assassin in recent months I’d say, or at least nothing of note. Hopefully though, even if they want me to write it, which I would gladly do (hint hint) he will be back and better than ever. I know Biff Tannen and Martian Luthor Kang 117th will be hoping for it, as am I. Tune in next week for another dose of villainy goodness!

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