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Good day Evil Geeks, it’s time to talk COMICS!!!  It’s been a while since I’ve book reported for your pleasure, but C-Mart is back today to talk funny books and refer to himself in the 3rd person!  I’ve recently caught up on my backlog of new books and as usual I’m impressed with the two newest issues of Deadpool and the writing duo of Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan.   In fact, I’m so impressed, that  I’m lumping the reviews for both books together, because quite frankly I’m lazy like that sometimes and cutting corners is the only way to catch up.  Issue #6 wraps up the book’s first story arc and Issue #7 brings us a hilarious “lost issue” of Deadpool from the 70’s.  Without further ado, let’s get to the reviewing!

With Issue #6, we get the close of the story arc featuring the resurrected zombie ex-Presidents.  Deadpool’s cut a swath through the U.S. history books, and he’s finally come face to face with the undead Prez’s leader: George Washington.  At the end of Issue #5, GW snapped the neck of Agent Preston of S.H.I.E.L.D, the agent who’d been in charge of handling Deadpool as he dealt with the zombie POTUS’s.  Agent Preston had been the only person who believed Deadpool was capable of handling the operation and as much as he annoyed her to no end, she still believed that he was eventually going to prove everyone wrong.  In Wade’s eyes, Agent Preston was the closest thing he ever had to a real friend, so yeah…he’s a little miffed about what George had done to her and now he wants revenge.  In a rare moment, we get to see a serious Wade Wilson.  No zany one liners, no joking around, 100%, intense seriousness.  Ok, it’s Deadpool after all, so there he does manage to get in one Princess Bride reference.

I’d honestly like to see more of that Wade.  He’s basically a mutant version of a walking Bugs Bunny cartoon, so it’s interesting to see a side of him that isn’t laughing for a change.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the humor of the book and an ongoing book with a totally serious Deadpool would be completely against the parody that the character portrays, but every now and then I’d like to see what the Regeneratin’ Degenerate is like in one of his less bat-shit crazy moments.  Even though poor Agent Preston didn’t survive her first adventure with Wade, it turns out she’s not quite gone just yet and will be sticking around for at least a little while.  The conclusion to this first major story arc for the book is fully satisfying.  Duggan and Posehn do a spectacular job of blending action and humor, so in case my previous praise isn’t enough to lure you into the book, then I suggest you get to your local brick and mortar comic shop and grab some back issues (They’re available on the Marvel app too, but going to the comic shop is WAY more fun)!

After a lengthy 6 part inaugural story, Issue #7 changes pace and offers us a standalone tale.  As has been par for the course so far, I absolutely loved the story of this issue.  It’s presented as an old “inventory issue” of Deadpool originally written in the 70’s and filed away, only to be run in case there’s a delay with a future issue.  The cover alone should be enough to reel you in, as it lends a nod to the infamous “Demon In A Bottle” issue of Iron Man.  Since the book was supposed to have been written in the 70’s, the story follows Deadpool around as he traverses various places in the 70’s era Marvel U.  There’s even a fake story/ad in the middle of the book, but instead of selling Hostess fruit pies, they’re pushing Party Time Fruit Liquor.  The look of 70’s Deadpool (actually back then, he called himself “The Deadpool”) is hysterically brilliant; incorporating all the worst examples of superhero attire from that time.

In the story, we check in with a frustrated 70’s Peter Parker and we also take a trip to the West Coast to see what Iron Man is up to.  The bulk of the issue follows Deadpool as he encounters a smooth talking demon who asks the Merc With a Mouth to get Iron Man boozing again.  The Demon is looking to claim Tony Stark’s soul for himself and plans on using Deadpool to do the leg work for him.  I don’t want to spoil too much of the story, but yeah…this…

Again, trying not to spoil too much, it’s an absolutely hilarious issue that I would say is a must read.  In what can easily be the cameo of the year, at the very end of the book 90’s Rob Liefeld era Cable shows up ala Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future and tells Deadpool that he needs to go with him to the future to stop a menace (thus “explaining” why there was no Deadpool in Marvel U until the 90’s).  I can only hope that they plan on following up with a second part of this story somewhere down the line.  I’d love to see the creators takes on the 90’s era Deadpool and X-Force.

That’s all we got for today Evil Kiddies!  Deadpool #8 just dropped this week, so you can be sure I’ll be back with a review of it real soon!

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