(NOT THE) Boston Comic Con (GET TOGETHER) At Comicazi

*Hey there, gang! While the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks were, owing to the unfortunate events in Boston over the course of last week, unable to attend the Boston Comic Con, our vigilant friend Rex Mason wouldn’t take no for an answer and made the best of a bad situation*

comicazi flyer

After the tragic and wild events that shook the city of Boston earlier this week, the Boston Comic Con, that was originally dated for April 20th, was rightfully postponed until the city of Boston was deemed no longer in a state of emergency. What was a weekend originally intended for lighthearted fun celebrating our four-colored friends seemed to be put to an end.

Thankfully Boston has one of the best and brightest communities when it comes to artists and great comic stores. Local stores all over the wide city of Boston raised up to the occasion and gave back to the people of their fair city, participating in an unconventional convention weekend.


Comicazi, located in Somerville, put on a great show having guests such as Tim Sale, David Mack, Ming Doyle, Erica Henderson, Don Rosa and many other talented creators. On sale were the official Boston Comic Con t-shirts (designed by Tim Sale, who was happily signing them) as well as what was meant to be the exclusive My Little Pony comic, being signed by Agnes Garbowska who was also at the shop.


The crowd at Comicazi


Don Rosa

Bill Willingham, David Mack and Tim Seeley and Don Rosa

Bill Willingham, David Mack and Tim Seeley and Don Rosa


Tim Sale, Ming Doyle, Erica Henderson, Don Rosa

It was a great “not-convention” that had many people leaving with smiles and free sketches by their favorite artists. Everyone that showed up had an unforgettable time marveling at a city that never stops giving back to its people. So until the official Boston Comic Con is placed back on the calendar, Boston can revel in the fact that they are lucky with all of the amazing artists and shops in their city.

*In addition to his photos of the scene at not-a-con, Rex also provided some scans of the awesome sketches he scored at the show.*

Princess Bubblegum by Ming Doyle


Donald Duck by Don Rosa

Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa

Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa


Robin by Bill Willingham


Spider-Man by Tim Sale


Mister Spock by Erica Henderson

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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  1. That Donald Duck sketch is incredible.

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