Panel of the Day 4/22/13

Today’s panel comes from the Dark Horse one-shot Buddy Cops. This zany police movie sendoff, as one might expect, stars a mismatched duo. But instead of the usual combinations ( a judo-master Vietnam veteran and a retiring family man, Dirty Harry and a stereotype, or Burt Reynolds and a kid) we’ve got an alcoholic screwup and an anal retentive robot.

When Uranus and T.A.Z.E.R. (hopefully you can guess which is which) finally have enough of one another at the end of act two, we’re treated to a fantastically depressing montage. It’s the text that does it more than anything, the idea that a comic can afford any soundtrack if it wants as long as the reader is willing. I don’t want to spoil this book, because I think that readers should go out and grab copies while they’re still available, but the following is the opening panel of the aforementioned montage.


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