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Hello Evil Geeks and welcome to this weeks Who Review!  Last week gave us a fantastic episode featuring old school Who baddie, Skaldak the Ice Warrior, doing his best Jason Vorhees impression, murdering his way through a sinking sub beneath the Arctic Sea. This weeks episode drops the Doctor and Clara smack dab in the middle of a haunted house!  Are we getting a back to back dose of Whovian horror???  Sonic screwdrivers at the ready, Evil Geeks.  Let’s dig in and find out!

As any experienced Whovian knows, many times thing aren’t always what they seem.  We were expecting a ghost story, but as the Doctor himself points out at the end of the episode, what we actually had been witnessing was a love story.  The episode starts out in the year 1974 with a professor named Dr. Palmer and his psychic assistant Emma, preparing to do a little Ghost hunting.  They are searching a 400 year old manor for a ghost named the Lady of the Well, the sightings of which predate the house by thousands of years.  After a particularly harrowing encounter with the specter, Dr. Palmer and Emma are visited by our Doctor and Clara.  One of the things that stuck out to me in this episode, were the parallels between the relationships of Palmer & Emma and the Doctor & Clara.  With a few tweaks here or there, either of the couples situations could be identical to the other one.  The Doctor even refers to Emma as Palmer’s “Companion”.  The big difference between the two groups of course is that Emma and Palmer are each pining for one another and by the end of the episode, they end up hand in hand.

As I mentioned before, a big theme of this episode is that things aren’t always what they seem.  It turns out the house which the quartet are investigating isn’t haunted by a ghost per se; the phantom that people have been seeing is a dimensional echo of the first human time traveler, who’d been presumed lost.  She’s actually been stuck in a pocket universe where times moves much more slowly than in our dimension.  A few seconds to her are millions of years in our time.  In this pocket dimension, the time traveler is being chased by some unseen monster.  Using Emma’s psychic powers to open a doorway to the dimension where the time traveler is, the Doctor decides to jump dimensions and save her.

There is an actual haunting taking place at the mansion though, but this one is more of the emotional kind.  Doctor Palmer is a legendary war hero, who’d been behind some of the most important operations of World War II.  He is haunted by the knowledge that his actions were responsible for the deaths of millions of people.  This remorse is so powerful, that the guilt he’s feeling has kept him isolated from others for his entire life. He is purposely hiding his feelings for Emma because of his past.  Emma though is haunted by some emotional demons of her own.  She’s a psychic whose main talent is being an empath.  She can sense other people’s emotions, even those of people who are dead.  Because she’s constantly bombarded by the emotions of others, feelings of pain, guilt, anger, etc, she also tends to isolate herself from others.  When it comes to Palmer, Emma tells Clara that she sometimes gets her signals mixed up and thinks that people feel only how she wants them to feel, but it usually turns out that they feel the opposite of that.  Emma also tells Clara something else, something ominous: Don’t trust the Doctor because he has a sliver of ice in his heart.  Clara takes that to heart, because as we’ve seen previously, she’s not entirely trusting of the Doctor yet.  Clara knows that there’s something the Doctor’s not telling her and it’s making her increasingly uneasy.  The Doctor is also a little untrusting of Clara because he still hasn’t figured out who or what she is.  We find out at the end of the episode, even though the Doctor had been fawning over Palmer for the episode and told him that he’s the only reason the Doctor came to visit them; the real reason the he came was that he wanted Emma to read Clara so she could give him more information on her.

The Doctor and Clara are also haunted by their distrust for each other; and at this point it’s threatening their entire relationship.  In what I think is the best scene of the episode, Clara calls out the Doctor and points out that since he can exist at any place in time, all humans are basically ghosts to him.  Everyone he encounters is either dead or not yet born because he’s always in varying times, so she questions why anyone would mean anything to him at all.  The Doctor of course tells her that she’s wrong, because she is the greatest mystery there is to be figured out.  That’s all we get though, so we don’t know if he’s explained to her what he knows about her; how that he’s met several versions of her before at different points in time.  One thing we do find out though is that the TARDIS really doesn’t like Clara.  At all.  It makes me wonder if she’s aware of something concerning Clara that we and the Doctor are not?

So what about that monster chasing the time traveler in the pocket dimension?  It turns out he’s not what he seems either.  He comes across as a hideous, bloodthirsty monster, but in actuality he doesn’t actually want to hurt anyone.  He’s just looking to use someone as a piggyback ride to return to Earth in the “normal” dimension, so he can be reunited with his mate, who is hiding in the house that Palmer and Emma are investigating.  The Doctor figures this out and being the nice guy that he is, returns to the pocket dimension to pick him up.

I really loved this episode, although we still haven’t learned any more about what the deal with Clara is?  I realize Doctor Who has always been good at playing the long game when it comes to big reveals (Bad Wolf?  The silence will fall?), but throw us a bone here!  Were dying to find out more about the Impossible Girl!  We did learn a little more about her character though.  I loved that she directly challenged the Doctor about lying to her, but I still want to know why she exists seemingly again and again.  The Doctor and Clara seem to be on shaky ground when it comes to trusting one another, but it looks like they are getting closer in spite of that.  I really would like to see River back on the show again at some point.  I think it’s about time she checked in with her husband and the hottie he’s currently gallivanting around the universe with.  Next week’s episode looks great as it appears that we’ll be getting an extensive look at the inner workings of the TARDIS,, even the pool!  As always, stop by here Sunday morning for a brand new Who Review!

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  1. hahaha right? I have a feeling the TARDIS does not want her there whatsoever, and hopefully we’ll find out why….i’m assuming its jealousy haha

  2. I really enjoyed this episode as well. I like how he took the different approach to the “monster” after realizing what was really at stake. its amazing to see how different we treat things when we realize true intentions, so to speak. but I definitely agree that we need to learn more about clara. give us something! haha

    • I loved when the TARDIS was fucking with Clara, I really want to know more about that. I actualy laughed when it showed her the hologram of herself because it was the person she held in the highest esteem.

  3. Am I the only one that noticed the sound when the Dr was in danger as being a reference to the early shows? I recall hearing that troubled beeping sort of noise before.
    Also, there was a long scarf behind Clara in the hallway a couple episodes ago. Possibly referencing Baker.

    • Yeah, there’s been a ton of references to past seasons this cycle. Middle you notice that Matt Smith used David Tenant’s space suit from the Mars episode? The Doctor also mentioned the name of a planet or something that was a throwback to old school Who, can’t remember what it was off the top of my head though. Thanks for the comment!

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