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Good morning my beauties. Today marks a turn in the world for your boy Arthur. I was on a short trip this past weekend, when it was brought to my attention that DC has announced something that I hold very dear to my heart. I am assuming most of you remember my post a few weeks back stating how DC was going to be doing a Villain Spotlight on DVD format in the coming months. I confessed to them that they needed me for that, considering how nobody profiles Villains like Arthur does, but to this day I have yet to hear a response, which is fine. I understand the amount of fear they must have at this point, considering what they are up against, and can see why they have not yet responded to my request. This September, DC announced that they will be doing September Villain Spotlight…..much to my chagrin. Featuring an all star cast and the dedication I know that DC can muster, I am unbelievably happy that the Villains are getting their chance to shine. However, this is also something that is troubling me quite a bit. Mainly because another big publisher has also announced that they will be doing a Villain Spotlight of sorts in the coming months, and that is Marvel…..Hold your pants guys, this one is going to be pretty serious.


Marvel has announced that they will be taking a look at some of Spidey’s most famous villains, and I am definitely excited. It seems that ever since I started doing the Villain Spotlight months ago, that things have been picking up steam for our dastardly denizens. Between DC and Marvel now, I am not sure what to do here as I am elated that both of them are taking a queue from your boy, but at the same time shouldn’t I be upset and quite bitter? The short answer would be yes and no. Yes because this is something of a brainchild for me, but at the same time I LOVE villains so I should be happy that they are getting some time in the forefront. But why do I feel so sad? Is it because I am being left out? Because I feel slighted that something I work so hard for is being done by someone else? Possibly….but I think the main reason would be that, with just a small amount of hubris, is that I really hope they do not mess this up…and I say that for both companies.

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The Villain spotlight was born to showcase the evil doings of multiple different villains from multiple different genres. Not limited to just comics, it spans the worlds of movies, games, books, and everything in between. We cannot pigeonhole this feature as it could lead to disastrous results and put things that should be treated with equal respect on the back burner. This is my main fear. If Sinestro were here right now, he wouldn’t need his battery to recharge his ring. It is not a complicated structure to follow, but with both big companies throwing in their names and characters, it has the potential to be very good, but also drown out anything else that could become involved. A year or two down the road, there may be another company who would like to put a spotlight on one of their villains, but will be called out for someone already having done that. It’s a shame because Villains are a central part of every story, and we do not want to oversaturate the market, but we need them to be known and appreciated. I know that a lot of you show up for my Viking’s reviews and to see which Villain I have chosen for the spotlight, but I need you all now to help me with something else. We need to bring this to the big publishers attention to not have this be a big drawn out fight between which villains are better than others, but more of a gathering of appreciation and delight that we know we couldn’t have heroes without their evil counterparts. Everyone loves Batman, but if he didn’t have that fantastic Rogue’s gallery, he may not be as popular as he is today. People read Batman to see what horrible things are going on in the streets of Gotham, and the villains are the sledgehammers that create the cracks in the ideal life of the famous city. There needs to be a reason behind it…whether it be love or just feeling the need to let the people know about certain characters and what they bring to the table. Do you think Rocky would’ve been good if he didn’t have a Russian or a rival boxer to focus his sights on?  I have even gone so far as to institute a possible new month long feature (an idea created out of the joining of the minds of Ness Stark and myself), that I have run by the rest of the Geeks, and hope they would love to contribute to, titled Antagonist August, which will run the entire gamut of media and villainous deeds. Not specialized to one medium, but across all mediums. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but it is the best possible way for me to answer the battle lines drawn up by DC and now Marvel as well. I say this with the utmost respect and compassion. I do not want something like this to become overgrown and outstay its welcome like a weed snaking its way up and onto the side of your home.

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The point that I am trying to make today is that we all need to realize, and as stated earlier, I do not say this bitterly or with any sort of malice, ever since I started the Villain Spotlight, I do it out of my love for our crooked characters. I do not do it for money, or for recognition, I do it because I care. I honestly hope DC and Marvel do not fan this out as long as they can to try and make as much money as they possibly can, but make it eloquent and respectful to the readers and to the characters. Nothing would give me as much pleasure and fun than to be involved in some sort of fashion, and to see DC and Marvel give our favorite evil geniuses their time to shine. I would love to know what you all, my glorious and beautiful readers, think about this situation and what you would like to see us feature. This is something very near and dear to me, and I love suggestions and recommendations. I am never one to shoot down somebody , unless it’s just so absurd that it is nothing but trolling, and I appreciate each and every one of you. You all coming to read what I create and listen to what I say is a great gift, and I look forward to continuing our wonderful relationship. And who knows? Maybe DC or Marvel will read this and see how much I care and see what I can contribute to them….and it could be the start of a fantastic and fortunate melding of the minds.

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