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I’ve pulled myself away from my TV long enough to finally talk about Injustice: Gods Among Us and man is it awesome! So just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, Injustice is a new fighting game thats been released on X-Box 360, PS3, and Wii U that stars our favorite characters (heroes and villains) from the DCU. To add on top of that awesomeness, its been developed by NetherRealm Studios who are the creative genius’ responsible for bringing Mortal Kombat to life. Marvel has been on the fighting scene for quite some time with its popular Capcom games, and after seeing the popularity of those franchises we got a Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe game a few years back but it was really clunky and didn’t hold up to the Marvel games and gamers were not really impressed. So fast forward a few years and NetherRealm and DC put their heads together to give us a true DC Universe-only game with established characters, an amazing engine, and a pretty cool story to boot! I’m going to get into some details and there will be some spoilers in this review, so feel free to stop reading now until you get the game yourself, but make sure that you get out there and get this game today. The only word I have for it is Legend….(wait for it)…….Dary!

OK, so I’m going to break this review down into a few sections. Again there will be spoilers…so you’ve been warned…

So if you’ve been looking at the trailers you may have thiught something like, Superman doesn’t look like that? Many of us thought that it was a style choice made for the game, but it has everything to do with the story of the game. In the opening sequence we see a news program detailing how Metropolis has been destroyed and millions are dead, the TV is on in the GCPD police station and we hear noises from an interogation room. In the room we have Joker locked up and Batman screaming at him “Where did you get the Nuke?!” Just then Superman busts in through the wall and goes after the Joker. Batman tries to stop him and he throws him aside. Superman starts talking about Lois, and his baby (WTF?) and Joker taunts him that he is so gullible thinking he can live a normal life and just lock him up. He throws him to the ground and Joker tells him to leave so he can get locked up just to escape again. Superman grabs him and Batman yells for Supes to stop, but the Last Son of Krypton has had enough and kills The Joker!


From there we are shown Batman in Arkham checking in on Joker while talking to his teammates. He almost enters his cell but sees that there is a tripwire. As he evades it, we see a trap for the bat inside Jokers cell and behind him is Deathstroke, which becomes your first battle. From there Batman goes to the Watchtower where Luthor is dismantling the team. You get to fight Luthor as Bats and then he reveals that he has given The Joker a nuke to detonate in Metropolis! Batman alerts the entire team and we get a jump-cut to Joker and Harley in a park in Metropolis. Batman shows up and Joker sends Harley to the car with a smack (ouch…) Meanwhile, other JLA members are closing in on the Joker with the bomb while Batman is trying to diffuse the situation. Joker has his hand on the trigger and tells Bats that he was going to get to a safe range to see the fireworks, but why not go down with the ship if he gets to kill his buddy in the process! In slow motion we see The Joker starting to press the button, Batman jumping at him, The Flash running towards to bomb, and Green Lantern and Wonder Woman with Green Arrow and Aquaman in tow. At the last second an electrical-like surge seems to transport them to somewhere else… with a large Superman statue in the background. As Batman you battle the Joker and upon beating him the police show up and go after them both. Batman narrowly escapes and they get the Joker and the stage is set… We are in an Alternate Reality! Personally I love this type of shit and in my opinion DC is king when it comes to different versions of earths and characters on those earths, so I really dig the story. From there we start to see that the world has been changed by the events of the Joker and Superman, but I’ll let you see that for yourself. The only thing that I’ll say is that this has a real “Justice Lords” vibe to it, from the old JL Animated Series. As a long-standing fan of the DCU I was very pleased! The last thing that I’ll say about the single player mode is that chapter 1 had me fight multiple people as Batman, chapter 2 is Green Lantern, 3 Aquaman, and so on… so the story itself gives gamers the opportunity to learn how to use more than one character in the game which I totally dig!

The Visuals
As stated above, the visuals were a little weird at first but now knowing that they tie to the story, I am completely OK with it. Even the “regular” versions of the characters seem a little off, but that can be fixed with some DLC most likely. As of now the New 52 skins are available for comic-book purists and there is a Flashpoint pack too, so I think we’ll get an old-school looking Flash too! With that said, the character models are really impressive and the animation moves fluidly both in the cinematic and in-game screens. The environments are beautiful and brutal, as you can use the environment again your opponent. For example, you can press a button to have the Batmobile shoot missiles at o opponent! Or you can knock your opponent off a platform into another part of the board! In Arkham you can throw people into Scarecrows cell and he fucks with them with his fear gas for example! Overall, NetherRealm really did a great job here!


In my opinion the gameplay is just great! I’ve always been a Street Fighter guy because it seemed to move faster than Mortal Kombat, but this game is fast! Like, Flash Fast!!! Anyway, the controls seem simple enough for the introductory user to pick up and if you pause it you’ll get a chance to see your entire move set, but experienced users will also enjoy the multiple combos that you can use to take down both the computer or the armies of players online. Again, NetherRealm has given us a solid engine that feels like your fighting with Superheroes. The moves play to each of their strengths and are similar enough to lets say, play as Batman all night long but then pick up Green Lantern and still enjoy it.

From the get go this game is loaded with characters… tons of ’em in fact! You get your staples; Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman & Lex Luthor, Joker, & Harley but then we’ve got some Titans, some old satellite Leaguers and just some DCU regulars. The roster includes:

The Flash, Nightwing, Batman
Cyborg, Green Arrow, Superman
Raven, Aquaman, Wonder Woman
Hawkgirl, Shazam, Green Lantern

Joker, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy
Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Deathstroke
Ares, Killer Frost, Doomsday
Sinestro, Black Adam, Bane


With many more on the way I’m sure threw DLC. In fact, rumor has it that fan-favorite Lobo will actually be the first DLC that NetherRealm releases! Plus, DLC will provide us with tons of skins that will allow us to “change” our characters into other versions of themselves like the Red Son pack or the Flashpoint pack that you can download! Also an added bonus is that DC and NetherRealm got most of if not all the voice actors from DC’s various cartoons, and it really makes the characters feel authentic!

So… last week I did a little write-up on the iOS version of this game that you can download for free. Well, if you play that you can actually link up your console version and get some sweet unlockables. Its a pretty cool concept if you think about it, bc the iOS game is totally free. In fact, you can get a sweet Batman Beyond skin out of it with little effort!


Mini Games
Just in case you get bored with the story or beating up your friends, you can do side Missions called Star Labs mission that give you more experience with the characters. Essentially this gives the game replay value on a mass scale and the best part is that each character seems to have gotten some love in this vein since there are 240 side missions available!

Online Play
There are tons of options for online play, so if you live in the middle of the sticks have no fear, you’ll be able to lay the smacketh down on challengers from across the globe. You have the ability to play your friends in private matches, go on on one with the world in public, or even wager XP in matches. With that, NetherRealm has daily challenges to gain extra XP in your game!


All in all I can’t say enough good things about this game. I know that this will definitely keep me busy until Superman roles into theaters in June.

Overall Rating: A

I leave you with the opening sequence… enjoy NERDS… I gotta go kick Greekimus’ ass on X-Box Live now!

See you on X-Box Live Nerds!!!!!

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  1. Can ANYONE tell me how to throw my opponent into the room with Scarecrow while fighting at the Asylum? Thanks.

    • Hey Jenna, basically on the Arkham level you move your opponent to the right side of the screen that has the Mr Freeze-like coolant in the pipes and you do your uppercut to knock them between different parts of the board and your opponent flies into Scarecrows cell! If your not sure how to do that move you can do the tutorial in the game, but if you have an X-Box I know that it is Back+X. It’s a great game, hope you enjoy playing it! Thanks for the comment…

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