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Hey Gang!

It’s coming up all DC for us over in the Evil Lair lately. First off, Injustice is simply badass with a single player story mode that seems pretty cool, over 200 side missions and a great multi-player. We’ll have a review up shortly, but thats not what I’ve gotta talk about right now. Yesterday Warner Bros released the latest Man of Steel trailer that followed their viral marketing campaign and the only word that I have for it is… AWESOME!

Check it out NOW…

Seriously, we get a look at Krypton and the famous “send my son across the universe” scene. Then a young Clark using his powers and then a 20-something Clark on the run trying to keep a low profile! We see what appears to be the fortress, and also a quick glimpse of an angry Zod. And last but not least, we get what appears to be a first-time meeting with one striking Ms. Lane! All I can say is I am soooooooo ready for this movie come June, and since this one will shape the possible future of a Justice League movie I can only hope that you’ll all get your tickets as soon as you can. Cavill in my eyes has already sold me with the look alone and the sincereness in this trailer when talking to Lois. So here’s hoping!

OK, gotta get back to playing Injustice so I can wipe the floor with Greekimus and C-Mart!
(and the shit-talking has begun…)

Later Internet…

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