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The second and third installment of the new series Uncanny X-Men, builds upon the  current story arc of Cyclops as the new mutant messiah, reshaping the purpose of the X-Men,  while trying to honor the memory of Charles Xavier.  The  story gets more complicated and our X-Men head into trouble with Avengers. Cyclops’  vision for a new mutant world gets a little clearer by the end of the third issue, and Magneto’s betrayal continues to be an issue for the Uncanny X-Men,  Overall, the direction of the writing and the visual appeal of each panel, leave you wanting more.  For a more in-depth look into what’s been happening, continue reading.

Warning!!! Spoilers Below!!!

When we last left off, the new Uncanny X-Men were being betrayed by Magneto.  Things have gotten more complicated and that much more exciting for Marvel’s mutants.  Brian Michael Bendis is really crafting an interesting story arc and Bachalo continues to impress me with his unique art style.  The first couple of pages of the second issue, finds Cyclops and Emma Frost reminiscing about the past, while they try to sort out their plans for the future.  A frustrated Emma Frost, wishes she could use the powers she once took for granted.  Something interesting here, is that she is able to project her thoughts, but is unable to control them.  Her thoughts are literally betraying her. Magik interrupts this cozy moment and ushers them both into the New Charles Xavier school for mutants. This new facility is equipped with what you’d come to expect from an X-Men base of operations, only difference is that it’s completely underground.


As Magneto breaks down film of the previous attack, he explains why these new  mutants have been chosen and the cause for the rebirth of the mutant population.   Basically, they’re trying to get to any and all new mutants before the government does. Among the new group mutants they’ve recruited, and in some cases saved, Eva, whose power is controlling time and space, is overcome with grief, by the fact that she hasn’t properly said goodbye to her mother in, back in Australia.  Cyclops agrees to send the team to Australia to reunite the two. Magneto wished to stay behind, and after the group leaves, calls in their location to S.H.I.E.L.D. As Eva is reunited with her mother, the Uncanny X-Men are shocked and surprised by a stacked Avengers team (Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Spider Woman and Miss Marvel), as they descend from one of the quinjets.

Uncanny X-Men 002-avengers

The only war here, is a war of words.  Each side takes turns taking shots at the other, passing off blame for Charles Xavier’s death. Cyclops’ isn’t going to back down to the Avengers. Revolutionary leaders who fight with purpose and a cause are dangerous, and the Avengers know this. Scott Summers is fighting to save his people from  extinction at the hands of mankind. The larger issue of Xavier’s death is what escalates this encounter. Captain America charges Cyclops with the murder of Xavier and tells him and his team to surrender.  That doesn’t go well.


As both armies charge at each other, a giant flash of light surrounds the Avengers.  Thanks to Eva, the Avengers  are completely immobilized, frozen in time. This gives Cyclops and his team enough time to escape and try to figure out how the Avengers were so quickly on their location.  As for Eva, she stands out in this issue. This little girl has shot up the mutant power rankings after this display of her awesome power. Anyone who can stop the Avengers cold in their tracks is a force to be with reckoned with and a vital asset to have on your side.

Uncanny-X-Men_3-avengers frozen

Once they get back to the new X-Men school, Magneto comes clean about being the snitch.  He explains that he did this in secret, to avoid any telepaths on the other side, peering into his mind, to discover that he was really a double agent. He then explains, that giving up Cyclops’ location was necessary for proving his loyalty, and helped him infiltrate both S.H.I.E,L.D. and the Avengers. Summers is less than pleased, when he hears this. As leader of the mutants he expects to be in the loop or at the head of all decisions. In a heated exchange between the two, Magneto challenges his place as leader, reminding him that he wasn’t chosen as leader by anyone, let alone by Magneto. There’s some trouble brewing among this new brotherhood of Uncanny X- Men.  The worst part of this betrayal and admittance by Magneto, is that Cyclops can’t use Emma’s powers to read what’s really going on in Magneto’s diabolical mind. So for now, the group has to take him at his word. I’m sure that will go well. But, Cyclops really can’t worry about Magneto because he knows he only has a small window of time before the Avengers are unfrozen, and he’s got big plans.

uncanny xmen-to  me

What’s really cool, is that on the last page of both this book and the All new X-men series, Cyclops, Magneto, Emma Frost and Magik appear outside Wolverine’s school. Scott Summers is calling out to his X-men to come join him. “To me my X-Men”, is a great line to end both issues with. Basically, he saying, daddy’s home! Both issues of All New X-men and Uncanny X-Men are hopefully going to feature an epic mutant battle royal, or at least I hope so. I really can’t wait to see where this story goes. That’s all for now nerds. Start reading and stay geeky.

Overall Geek Rating: B+

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  1. Really liking what Bendis is doing with both his X-titles — it’s a great set-up, as any attempt to shut Cyclops down is going to have fallout, and yet they can’t just keep letting him run around snatching up new recruits, either. Between Eva’s time manipulation and Majik’s teleportation, they’re practically impossible to catch and hold, even if someone does go after them. Kind of an interesting idea that Scott’s not all that far removed with what Mangeto has done in the past, he’s just more savvy about it and sure to keep just one toe on the side of ‘not complete villain’.

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