Evil Geek Book Report – East Of West #1

I may not have a full understanding of the plot unleashed on Jonathan Hickman’s first issue of East Of West but I know that I love it. It’s a book about an alternate history of America and the world…it’s dark but thanks to artist, Nick Dragotta it looks beautiful.


Essentially, it’s a tale about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse shifting between two times periods; 2064, which is more or less the end of days and present day. In 2064, three of the four Horsemen have materialized as children and they begin a wholesale mass slaughtering of a planet’s inhabitants. They can’t bring about the end of the world though until they find their missing counterpart.

East Of West3

In present day, it seems that the Earth (or at least the area this takes place in) has an old west vibe that’s merged with futuristic technology, not unlike the tv show, Firefly (but more seamless in my opinion). Here we see a man dressed in all white with a white cowboy hat and white skin enter a saloon with two strange Native American looking cronies also in all white and black. We find out that the cowboy is the Apocalypse Horseman, Death. Turns out something happened to him in the not too distant past where we see a still photo esque memory of 5 people standing over him (similar to Kill Bill). This appears to be his hit list and Death wants names. After torturing the saloon keeper and piling up the bodies of its patrons, the saloon keeper identifies the President as one of the people from Death’s hit list.

East Of West

Death heads to the equivalent of the White House leaving a trail of bodies behind him. He finds the President and in a particularly gruesome scene makes him pay, allowing him to scratch one person off his list.

East of West looks incredible. The art and color palette is so striking and the characters and environments already looked so well defined. This may sound strange too, but the weight and the page/print quality of the comic are high quality and exactly what a comic should feel like. This is a great and unique book and I’m looking forward to the world and tale Mr. Hickman has begun to unfold.

East Of West2

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