The Beyonder’s Superhero Sixteen Tournament of Champions…The Championship!

Good Afternoon Ladies and GentleNerds!

Last night we saw Louisville take the win in the NCAA Tournament but our cosmic beings were watching a different channel! It’s The Green Goliath versus the Dark Knight Detective for the Championship. It looked like The Beyonder was going to win the pool but then Korvac came out of the bathroom and had Hulk and Bats in the final, so the whole house is siding with Korvac because they never really trusted the Beyonder anyway, in fact most of them came for the free beer! So on with the fight…


Realizing he was matched physically, Batman attempted to appeal to The Hulk’s senses and talk to Banner, telling him that they were being used as pawns. At first it appeared to work as The Hulk reverted to Banner, but all of the sudden a shot came from nowhere and struck Banner down catching even the famous Batman off guard! Enraged by this, Batman turned his back on the downed Banner but what the Bat didn’t realize is that The Hulk will never let Banner truly get hurt. He turned into the Green Goliath and madly attacked Batman. Batman used his speed and ingenuity to get some well-placed hits on Mr. Banner, he seemed dazed but not out, and then the Hulk got angry! Batman jumped into the Batmobile and attempted to take the Hulk out with Scarecrow gas and then rubber bullets, but the Monster ripped apart the Batmobile and pulled the struggling man out. Hulk then worked on the Bat like a childs toy and he threw him away when he was bored. The last image of Batman we saw was a bloody mess, calling for Alfred and babbling about someone named Damian…


So that’s it…The Hulk wins the tournament and The Beyonder wins the pool with his bracket! Man, the rest of these guys are pissed and Krona and Lady Styx have been chatting in the corner for some time now… The Beyonder wants to show his champion off so he brings him up to meet everyone and thats when the shit hits the fan. Thanos starts calling The Beyonder out, saying he rigged this tournament and the rest jump to Thanos’ side saying it was all too convenient that his bracket is completly perfect like he knew how this was going to happen… The Beyonder’s had enough of this shit from his so called “guests,” and decides to send the angry and confused Hulk home…


Ooooohhhhh! And this, Boys and Girls, is why you never piss off any of those cosmic guys even if your are so-called all powerful too! As everyone leaves all you hear is the Beyonder screaming and Hulk laughing and smashing… Sucks to be that guy!

Later Nerds!

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  1. Hulk would not beat superman?!

  2. I dont care who’s fighting deadpool will win

  3. Hulk for the win. Nice!


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