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This week’s episode gave us a look into what some of our other friends from Westeros were up to.  Past plot lines are explained and expanded, as we are introduced to new characters, which are sure to make this season one to remember.  As old mysteries are revealed, new challenges and dangers await our heroes and villains from Westeros.


John Snow

We don’t get to see too much of John Snow and the men from the North in this episode.  The few moments we do get, tell a story of how Mance became king and gave us a better idea of the potential abilities of Bran.  Mance and John begin to form a relationship as Mance explains how he came to power.  At this point John Snow is still playing the part of double agent.  More time with Mance and the fiery ginger Ygritte, could make him switch sides.  He already has the cloak.  We also get a look at a “warg”, a person who can see through the eyes of animals.  Up until this episode, it seemed Bran was the only person in Westeros with the special ability, it turns out he’s not alone.



The second episode begins with another dream by Bran.  He is being given an archery lesson by his two big brothers, Robb and John.  His target is the mysterious three eyed bird, whose presence in an episode usually means someone is going to dye.  In his dream he sees a vision of a young man walking to him and then he wakes up.  He and his brother, along with Osha and Hodor, continue to head North until they are ambushed by Jojeen and Meera Reed.


Jojen, the boy from Bran’s dream, tells him they’ve been looking for him, and have a long way to go, and that he is the “only thing that matters”.  Jojen also has the same abilities as Bran and seems to be able to answer some questions about the three eyed raven.  As both groups merge, their journey is just getting started.

Arya Stark


Arya, Gendry and Fats McGee (hot pie) are still on the run after escaping Harrenhal.  As the three argue about there next move, they come across a group walking through the woods. We are introduced to the Brotherhood Without Banners.  These were the men being hunted by Tywin Lanister in Season 2. Thoros of Myr seems to be the leader of the Brotherhood.  They quickly unarm the three young heroes and have them back at their camp for some food and interogation.  The feisty Arya is bested by Thoros’ sword and maybe isn’t the fighter she thinks she is.  After their meal and a few answers to some questions, they are freed as promised.  She almost makes it out of the camp, until the Brotherhood brings in The Hound, who they’ve captured. He recognizes Arya and tells Thoros that he has the “Stark bitch” in his hands.  It looks like Arya continues to jump from one mess to the next.  Unlike her previous hosts, the Brotherhood seems to be an honorable group.

thrones 3


Poor Theon!!!  We only get moments with our friend from the Iron Islands.  He’s being tortured, and asked why he attacked Winterfell by a group of unknown men.  Season 2 ended with him being struck over the head by his own men and being taken back to Pike.  I can only assume his father is punishing him for his actions. Perhaps there is hope for our friend. A young man, relieving the pressure of a torture device, tells Theon, that his sister plans on saving him. She’s quite the bitch, so I’m assuming any help from her won’t be any help at all.

Robb Stark

The King of the North’s followers, mainly Rickard Kastark, are just about fed up with their king’s new wife. He has the balls to tell Robb that he lost the war the moment he married Talisa. Shorty after, Roose Bolton delivers two letters, one from Winterfell and the other from Catelyn’s family’s home. Both letters bring terrible news. Catelyn Starks father has died, while the news from Winterfell is even worse. The Stark castle has been destroyed by Theon and the iron born men of Pike.  There is no word about Rickon or Bran.  Later, Talisa comes across Catelyn weaving a prayer charm and she reveals a nasty little truth about wishing John Snow dead as an infant. After afflicted with the pox, she prayed to the gods to save John, in return she would take him as her own and give him the Stark name. Regrettably, after John survives, she goes back on her word, shunning the boy and treating him like an outsider.  She attributes all of her family’s recent misfortune to her failed promise.

Kings Landing


Shae is concerned about Littlefinger’s interest in Sansa. She warns Sansa to tell her if he ever makes any moves on her, and later goes to Tyrion toask for his help.  The two engage in a cute exchange that leads to Tyrion catching a blowski.  Only Tyrion can talk about other pretty women and get a piece of action from his own woman.  Amazing!  Joffrey and his mother continue to grow apart as he and Margaery get closer.  Margaery is able to calmly navigate through Joffrey’s mocking tone as he tries to intimidate her with his new toy.  Perhaps, learning from Sansa, that her husband to be was a “monster”, and capable of horrible cruelty, prepared her for this confrontation.  The interaction between Sansa, Margaery and Lady Olenna is great.  Grandma Tyrell is funny lady, who might the puppet master pulling the strings behind this family.  During their tense scence, Margaery counters his comments and insults with her cleverness and incredible sex appeal, and reaffirms the suspisions of Renly being gay.  Showing an interest in her King, will gain his trust and keep her alive, so we can see more of our new Queen, a lot more!



The Kingslayer and Brienne continue on, insult after insult. Brienne, the fierce warrior that she is, isn’t phased at all.  That is of course until he takes shots at her former employer Renly.  The gay shots go a little too far and finally we get a reaction from Brienne.  It turns out that our seven foot LGBT poster child actually had the hots for Renly. Jaime, explaining that knowing what it’s like to love someone he can’t have finally catches her off her guard and takes one of her swords. They duel on a bridge and Brienne defeats the weakened Kingslayer, but she can’t bask in the victory for long. A Sheppard that they foolishly let pass earlier, warns scouts of the Starks, and Brienne and Jaime are caught. Brienne’s future does not look so good, as she returns to Robb Stark a traitor.

Overall Rating: B

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