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Hello, fellow art aficionados. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Brotherhood’s extensive collection of wonderful works of art. You’ve undoubtedly reveled in the space operatic grandeur and the star-spangled beauty of our previous exhibitions. Today I present the latest masterpiece collaboration from our stable of talented artists. But before I unveil its splendor, I’ll introduce you to the subject manner. While perusing a TV Guide magazine last month, I happened upon a listing for an 80s “Science-Fiction” comedy film.

It read:

“Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is a decent teenager who plays an electric guitar, sails about on a skateboard, and courts pretty Claudia Wells. But all is not well in Fox’s little world. His father (Crispin Glover) is a milquetoast, his mother (Lea Thompson) is an alcoholic, and his brother and sister (Marc McClure and Wendie Jo Sperber) are decidedly weird. Marty’s friend, the positively manic Christopher Lloyd, has been working on a device for time travel. Marty activates the device and finds that he has traveled back to 1955, where he encounters his own parents as teenagers.”

bttf poster

A decent teenager, indeed!

So that evening I tuned my television to the appropriate channel at the corresponding time and watched this film in full. I was not impressed, but I do love that poster! So I set my two finest artists to work in recreating it and what follows is the fruit of their labor:


Arthur Harkness’ ballpoint pen unleashed this fantastic image upon an unsuspecting yellow legal pad. The dynamic action of our hero, Martin McFly, is conveyed so skillfully that he seems to jump from the page while still being trapped behind the college-ruled bars of the paper. And the lightning streaks along the page with such reckless abandon!


In a rare foray into photo realism, Modern Master Biff Tannen reproduces the famous poster so flawlessly that it’s almost… ALMOST boring. If I wanted to look at a Drew Struzan painting, I’d commision *him* ! Nevertheless, Biff does exceed Struzan in several places; the look of wonderment on young master McFly’s face is a hint of the many sights he shall see in his sojourn to 1955. Struzan carelessly left the license plate out of the original painting, and Mr. Tannen has included it for all to see.

I ran these drawings through the Collabotron and after a few minutes of beeping and booping, it printed out two items. First was an apology… an apology for its inability to properly convey the beauty of these two drawings. The other item was the composite drawing itself. Look upon it and weep!

bbtf 3
Your Friend in Time, Martian Luthor Kang 117th.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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