Evil Geek Book Report – All-New X-Men #10

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Back for the latest installment of Kang’s All-New X-Men Corner?  Why, seems like only yesterday I wrote the first installment… and then the second and third?  Those seem like last night.  Of course, the fourth, fifth, and sixth seem like they were were written early this morning, maybe around 7:30 AM.  And I remember the seventh  like it was only lunchtime…  The eight and ninth are so fresh in my mind, it’s like the joint article was written only twenty minutes or so ago!  Ah, memories!  And now we’re here at number 10.


And the X-Men look to be just as excited as we are!

So, we saw last issue that Mystique is putting together a new incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and it looks like she’s favoring quality over quantity.  There are only three members so far, and two of them are women… so it sort of hurts the brotherhood’s credibility.  Nevertheless, they step up to the plate and score themselves $18,o00,000 by knocking over an armored truck while posing as the X-Men.  Thankfully, there are no immediate repercussions  following this incident.  The Jean Grey institute’s doors and not kicked down by the NYPD, but rather by Cyclops’ X-Men.

Cyclops’ arrival is not an act of war, but rather an offer of sanctuary.


I’m not here to fight. I’m here to looooove.

Scott and crew try to lure some of the more suggesrable youngsters over to their school, but are cut short when Krakoa (The sentient chunk of land that now lives on the mansion grounds) attacks the intruders.  But their little visit was not in vain, a few of the students decide to switch sides… the Stepford Cuckoos are shown crossing the line, and they’re joined by….. CLIFFHANGER!  No, that’s not the name of one of the students, the last of the turncoats has yet to be revealed.  My thought is that it’ll be Jean Grey.  The All-New X-Men were lamenting their inability to get a spy inside the Uncanny X-Men.  As far as Logan’s team is aware, Emma Frost is still one of the most powerful telepaths in the world, so any attempt at subversion would surely be noticed.  The only one of them who could hope to sneak past Emma at her prime would be the world’s cockiest young telepath: Jean Grey.

As far as my thoughts on the creative team, this issue is quite possibly the best written so far.  The debate between Cyclops and his former friends about the nature of Xavier’s killing.  Bendis makes the most of the shit sandwich that was the third act of AvX by shedding some doubt on Cyclops’ actual motivation.  It’s not, however, as if Bendis was not one of the “too many cooks” that made AvX the mess that it was.

And Immonen does something I rarely see but always enjoy; He draws Wolverine as an ugly little troll.  Wolverine as a 6’3″ man with chiseled features and a come-hither stare may sell  movie tickets, but let’s not forget that he’s supposed to be a hairy little dwarf with a chip on his shoulder.


I couldn’t find a “selfie” of Wolverine in the bathroom.

And honestly?  I’ve always imagined him having a nasty smell about him, a musk like that of his namesake. He shouldn’t be a dreamboat, he should be a mean little son of a bitch.  John Byrne understood this, Frank Quitely understood this, and Stuart Immonen definitely understands that.


These are all from issue 10… that’s a whole lot of ugly.

Ta ta for now, my gifted youngsters.

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