Evil Geek Book Report – Thanos Rising #1

So, it was inevitable that we’d see a revamped Thanos origin story at around this time.  It’s clear that he’s going to be a major player in upcoming Marvel Studios movies and their upcoming crossover event is going to center around him. It was sure to happen.  The only thing that wasn’t certain was the quality of the story.  Marvel has a mixed track record when it comes to handling their hot properties when it matters most, but this is one case where they’re off to a good start.


Thanos gained his strength by eating glowsticks.

I expected to read a book about all of the destruction Thanos had wrought upon the galaxy up to date, but I opened it to find instead a story of his early years.  I really didn’t expect to walk away from this issue feeling sympathy for Li’l Thanos. Jason Aaron is a writer who often surprises me like this.  He handles Wolverine like no one else, he knows his way around a Punisher, and apparently he’s gonna do right by the Mad Titan as well!  And Simone Bianchi is an artist who I normally find works best on covers.  However, the bizarre physiology of young Thanos and  the moody alien backdrop of Titan are well served by his style.


As far as the story itself goes, we get a glimpse of Thanos’ developmental years.  I haven’t read a lot of Thanos material aside from the very mainstream books; I’ve read some of the early Starlin stories, Thanos Quest, and then the Infinity Gauntlet and War. In these books, I don’t recall learning too much about Thanos’ youth, but I feel like at some point it may have contradicted we see in this story. That being said, I don’t mind a little retconning here and there, as long as it’s done to streamline the past stories instead of shoe-horning convenient ties to current storylines.  I think this situation will be more along the lines of the former scenario, so I’m on board.  I’m looking forward to seeing what made Thanos into the Mad Titan that he is today.  I have just one request, Marvel:  Don’t get rid of the Thanos-copter… it’s just too damned funny.


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