The Beyonder’s Superhero Sixteen Tournament of Champions…Final Four!

Good Afternoon Ladies and GentleNerds!

The Tournament is winding down! Our Final Four consisted of Batman and Hal Jordan & Hulk and Wolverine. It was simply by happenstance that these classic bouts took place for the amusement of The Beyonder and his friends! When the dust settled everyone realized they were played when The Beyonder revealed his picks for the championship bout… that is everyone except the mysterious Korvac (actually, he ate some bad guacamole and has been in the bathroom so long that everyone forgot he was even there!)

What do you do when you fight the most powerful weapon in the universe? Convince the guy who wields it that he needs to take it off for a fair fight, then you sucker punch him just as he’s turning to fight you! Hey it worked on Gardner, you’d think Hal would’ve seen it coming!

Banner and Logan have done the dance for so long that in the beginning they were just jumping through hoops. It seems though that our new Indestructible Hulk is a little more mouthy then he used to be and taking a queue out of Spidey’s playbook decided to just talk Wolverines ear off as he beat him into a pulp. Eventually, Logan just got tired of it and wanted to get a beer so he gave up and went to shake Hulk’s hand. Banner smiled and threw him across New Mexico… now thats a Fastball Special!

OK, so in the finals we have The Dark Knight Detective vs. Mr Green Genes himself! Place your bets and remember, when cosmic diety-types lose a game they get all sorts of pissed off so if a freak earthquake or hurricane pops up outta no-where, you can blame these guys!


Later Nerds!

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  1. Hulk, FTW

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