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Good morning ladies and gentleman. Arthur here coming to you live and electrified from NYC. In honor of being in this fine city for the weekend, I figured I would take a look at one of NYC’s most dubious villains. The Kingpin! Our white and purple clad boss of crime is one of this city’s staples in the Marvel universe…and for good reason. Fanuccis! Shine a light!


It seems that New York City is a prime target for classic villainy. Whether it be on the streets or in the seedy underbelly, crime permeates all aspects of the city according to Marvel, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The Kingpin is one of Marvel’s most famous villains, essentially having a hand in almost all organized crime. If something is going to be going down, you bet your ass that Wilson Fisk will have a part in it, even taking a share if he had nothing to do with it. Many an unfortunate soul has met their end after showing disrespect towards the purple and white behemoth. It’s a fine life for Mr Fisk to live. How awesome is it that even though you didn’t do anything, your name holds such reverence that even the lowliest of criminals is compelled to show respect. It’s a life most of us can only dream of.

kingpin 2

Being such a respected (to some) figure can often times lead to the acquiring of “undesirables”, or shall we say heroes, who often come down to rain on The Kingpin’s parade. Foes such as Daredevil, Spider-Man, and pretty much every other hero that call NYC home, have shown their faces time and time again to attempt to foil the plans of our gracious host. However, being the man that he is, Fisk rarely bats an eye when things don’t go his way. Establishing such a wide spread base of crime has afforded him the ability to not really give a fuck if something happens. Daredevil show up to stop a hired assassin? No big deal! The 7 other ones he sent should be able to finish the job. Spider-Man foil a robbery? Fuck him! He owns all the money. It’s a cushy life, but not one earned easily. Having to swindle and climb his way to the top, Fisk has earned his spot through acts most of us couldn’t even dream of. Earning a reputation that is larger than life, much like he is. It’s a shame though that he doesn’t get to live his life in peace.

Fisk has been the target of so many heroes that he has literally had to fight tooth and nail to get to where he is. Appearing as a hefty man who you wouldn’t think could move at all, blinds you with his actual strength and natural ability. It’s not just fat under there boys, It’s a wall of muscle layered over with a bit of huskiness to throw you off your guard. Before you know it, a heavy rain of blows will pour over you until you beg him to stop. Employing a host of hired help also lets him keep things in check. Quite a few notable villains have been on Fisk’s payroll. Hobgoblin, Alistor Smythe, Bullseye (yes!) and a score of others (he funded the fucking spider slayers guys…that should be enough) have taken orders from NYC’s mayor of crime. Such status is remarkable, even amongst characters that regularly blow buildings up and fly into goddamn space, making him one of the most revered characters in the Marvel universe. In a land of Fantastic people and Spectacular heroics, it’s a status that must be respected.

kingpin daredevil

Recently however, Mr. Fisk has fallen on some hard times. Having his empire taken from him in a most unfashionable of ways, he had to reacquire what was already his. I do not want to spoil anything in terms of storyline, but after a while, any man who sits on the top, must come down. An unfortunate circumstance, but one that simply comes with the territory. There’s only so many times you can tangle with heroes and still come out on top. Trust me, I’ve tried.  Having taken a slight detour and vacation, Fisk gives up his life of crime to live a normal life with a new wife and child. Fast forward a little bit, and they wind up gutted, and he returns in force to take back what is his. After a few rounds with Daredevil and Lady Bullseye, he assumes leadership of the Hand, in what could only be labeled as “Fuck Yes”. Now to be honest, I haven’t been able to check out the full outline and conclusions to the latest stories and adventures featuring the Kingpin. However, I have been reading and very much enjoying the Daredevil: End of Days storyline, and am really looking forward to grabbing the next few issues to see how things are playing out.

kingpin 4

Normally, I tend to do long articles for the Villain Spotlight, but I feel like the Kingpin just speaks for himself. He is a very much established character, and in honor of being in the city that never sleeps, I really wanted to put the spotlight on him. In between heckling Spider Man impersonators on the sidewalk, to salivating at Midtown Comics, all I could think about was Matt Murdock and the Kingpin. Not a single cosplayer for each on the street. They have a fucking M+M store and people dressed all over like M+M’s to the point where I beg for John Lovitz’s voice to kill me, yet not a single Daredevil or Kingpin. M+M’s melt in the sun NYC…you know what doesn’t? Blind fucking Justice and Villainy. Maybe next time I go, good ol’ Arthur may see a few things he wishes for…which makes the Zoltar machine in FAO Schwartz that much more appealing to me.

—–Arthur Harkness

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  1. right? I honestly couldn’t agree more.

  2. I totally agree. I love how with certain villains, all it takes is just a little something to push them over the edge into A listers ( in my opinion at least). not to say that he is an A lister, but just look at Dr Light. not saying what he did haha, but with one act he became one of the most despicable characters in all of the DCU. Biff, Kang and I are all hoping for a new,solid Kingpin and Daredevil story. End of Days is awesome and it just makes me want more haha

  3. Nice! Always liked the Kingpin, and the way he started out as pretty much a forgettable B-list idea that ended up being awesome when put in the right hands. Hopefully Waid brings him back in DD, even for just a one-issue gig.

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