Injustice Gods Among Us on iOS for FREE!

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So I know that everyone in the lair is hot on the heels for the release of Injustice Gods Among Us on April 16th, but if you cant hold out until then you can begin your battle of good versus evil today on your iPhone or iPad! Best of all… It’s Free!

Classic... Dick vs. Slade!

Classic… Dick vs. Slade!

So, what’s the deal? Is this for real? The answer… Yup. Although this is Injustice, but, as one would assume the gameplay is different from the console versions due out later this month. Basically it has 2 elements. It’s a swipe and touch based fighter and also acts as a “collectable” card game to access in-game extras like alternative costumes, hidden characters, and bonuses! One thing that I think is really cool is that the fighting piece to the app features 3 on 3 tag team gameplay, so its kinda got a MvC vibe to it. Plus, if you get this app and you have the real game you’ll have the opportunity to get some cross-platform unlockables that can work in both games!


So, I’d like to thank NetherRealm for throwing this dog a bone and getting this thing out 2 weeks early! Check out the trailer here…

Later Geeks!

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  1. Update!
    I’ve been playing this all day and if the real Injustice game is anything like the iOS one then I can say that I will not leave the couch for at least 3 days! If you don’t have this yet, get it right away!

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