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Finally, after months of waiting, Game of Thrones is back!!!  Last night’s episode continued right where last season left off. The great thing about any season premiere, is the promise that it brings as it lays the foundation for an amazing experience. Tonight was no different. There are surprises early and often throughout this first episode and a bit of nostalgia toward the end. With that said, it’s time to break down this amazing episode.


North of the Wall

thrones 7

Sam is saved by Ghost and Commander Mormont from a white walker. The Night’s Watch survivors retreat south to warn the people of both invading armies.  Jon is brought before Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall.  Upon walking into the snow village, Jon comes across a giant.  The look on his face, as he watches the giant pound a log into the ground with his fist is priceless. He pledges his allegiance, and does enough to prove himself to live another day in Mance’s camp.

Robb Stark


Robb and his army march to Harrenhal expecting to find Tywin Lanister.  What they find instead are the remains of two hundred butchered north men.  Still angry at his mother, he has her imprisoned in the castle, while they plan there next move.  Some of Robb’s men are getting frustrated and this potentially starts a problem for Robb in the future.

Kings Landing


Tyrion, now healed, but left with a nasty scar across his face, is visited by Cercei.  While inside, the two have their usual witty, and rather amusing war of words.  As to be expected, Tyrion, gets the better of this exchange.  The line about being as funny as man whose balls, drop down to his knees, was hilarious.  Cercei, seems concerned over a meeting Tyrion is about to have with his father.  Maybe it’s because she tried to have her  brother killed, or maybe it’s because she nailed her taller brother and had a bunch of inbred children.  I wonder?  The meeting goes horribly wrong for Tyrion.  He demands respect for defending King’s Landing and his claim to his birth right.  His father, instead, completely destroys his hope.  He tells him that he will never inherit the Lanister fortune, and that the best he can hope for is a role, suitable to his talents.  As he leaves, heartbroken by his father, again, you can almost see his evil mind at work crafting a master plan of revenge.

Littlefinger offers Sansa a potential way out. Although, he can’t be trusted, she’ll do anything to get out of Kings Landing.  Shae continues to be by her side, but her previous career, is quickly discovered by Ros, everyone’s favorite hooker with the heart of gold.  It takes one to know one, I guess.  Littlefinger could use this information to his advantage at one point, and cause problems for Tyrion.


Joffrey continues to be the little bitch that we all love to hate, as he watches his future Queen, leave the protection of her guards to comfort poor orphans in the ghettos of Kings Landing.  At dinner later that evening, it’s clear to Cercei, that this new girl in town has plans on taking over and becoming Queen.  At least Joffrey is smart enough to side with his new hotty, calling his mother old as he dismisses and downplays what she said about their last trip to the ghetto.  She wasn’t too happy about that.  The power struggle between these two ladies should be very interesting to watch unfold.

Davos Lives!

Davos wakes up on a rock, literally, not too far from the battle he and Stanis lost in Black Water Bay.  After being rescued he asks his friend Salladhor Saan, to ferry him back to Dragonstone, to reunite him with Stanis.  In the wake of his defeat, Stanis, under the council of Milesandre, has taken on barbaric measures to keep order.  Foolishly, Davos returns only to be blamed for the defeat, convincing the King not to send the red witch with them to Kings Landing.  She claims that she could have stopped the wildfire, had she been aloud to go.  Struck with anger and grief, Davos tries to kill Melisandre.  He fails and is locked away in the dungeon.

Daenerys sails to Slaver’s Bay.

thrones 6

When we finally see Khaleesi, she’s aboard a ship she’s taken from Qarth, heading to Slavers Bay in search of an army.  There are some great visuals of her dragons fishing in the ocean.  I can’t wait until they get bigger.  They’re so f’n cool!  Anyway, the army she encounters consists of eight thousand slave soldiers.  These men have been trained into perfect killing machines.  As part of their training they had to kill a newborn child, to erase all humanity in them.  In one scene, the slave trader cuts off the nipple of one of the men to show their dedication and their fearlessness.  When she leaves, she comes across a girl that catches her eye in the square.  As she begins to play a game of roll the ball, a cloaked man draws a sword and lunges toward Khaleesi, knocking her to the ground in front of the ball.  The ball opens up to reveal a deadly scorpion, which is stabbed by the man in the black cloak.  He chases after the little girl, who hisses at him and then jumps in the bay. She then appears in distance only for one last look and disappears.  It looks like some dark magic is against Daenerys, and will follow her throughout this season.  The man in the black cloak, reveals himself to be Lord Commander Barristan Selmy.  He was relieved of his duties as head of the kings’ guard.  He blames himself for letting Daenerys’ father die, and he pledges his loyalty to her.

Overall Rating: A

Check out the trailer for next weeks episode here:

Well that’s all for now my geeks.  The first episode could not have been better.  The only annoying part is waiting ’til next week. 
See you next week Nerds!

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