Comic Book Panel of the Day 3/30/13

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Gorr is so evil that we may give him our summer internship!

Gorr is so evil that we may give him our summer internship!

Today’s Panel of the Day comes from Thor God of Thunder #6. If you aren’t reading this title yet, then shame on you! Last week Greekimus gave us a review to catch up on the series and you can check it out right here! Jason Aaron has been giving us quite a good story about a God-Killer named Gorr that has you waiting on the edge of your seat for the next issue. In my mind its harder to create new and great villains for our existing heroes than to create a new hero, but Gorr is absolutely epic! Issue 6 tells us the origin of Gorr and explains where his hate for the Gods has come from. Our panel comes from the last page of the book and leaves a great cliffhanger, check it out…


Just in case you’re wondering, nope, that’s not Jesus. If fact its an Asgardian, and you’ve gotta read the book to guess who, because its one of those “Holy Shit!” kinda realizations. Anyway, Gorr’s reign of terror isn’t over quite yet so there’s a ton of time to jump in to this series while its still fresh!

See ya next time NERDS!

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