The Wolverine: Ok… This Might Not Suck


How’s it going Evil Geeks?!?!  The official movie trailer for The Wolverine hit yesterday and trust me when I say that I’m shocked to announce that it actually looks pretty good.  After the craptacular that was the first Wolverine movie and ever since Darren Arronofski skipped out on directing, my hopes for this sequel were not high.  I get what they were trying to go for with the first Wolverine movie; it had an air of early nineties era Wolverine solo book.  The characters in the film and elements of the plot were drawn right out of that era, which is honestly one of favorites for the character.  I’m partially biased because that’s when I first started reading comics, when Wolverine was only on 2 superhero teams as opposed to all of them and still had a lot of mystery surrounding his past.  I get it, I really do.  The execution if those elements though just didn’t pan out quite right.  They really screwed up Deadpool (to make an enormous understatement), they altered the plot from what it originally was in the book, they screwed up Gambit, and don’t even get me started on trying to reconcile the timeline/continuity of that movie with the timeline/continuity of the X-Men movies (Don’t you think Sabertooth would have mentioned to Logan just ONCE during the time that they fought each other in the first X-men movie that they were brothers or whatever?). Anyway, that’s all in the past and we here in the Brotherhood are all about moving onwards and ever upwards so I’m glad the trailer for this flick looks pretty good.  Although I probably said that about the first movie’s trailer too, so what do I know?  This one’s going to focus on Wolverine’s time in Japan involving the whole fracas with Mariko and Clan Yashida.  If you look closely, you can spot comic characters like Viper and Silver Samurai, so I’m desperately hoping that they don’t do those characters as poorly as the did the ones in the first movie.  Seriously, Deadpool is the Merc With a Mouth, SO WHY THE HELL DOES HE NOT HAVE A MOUTH IN THE FIRST MOVIE!!!!!  I’m sorry for yelling.  It’s still a sore spot.  HE HAD SWORDS IN HIS GOD DAMN ARMS!!!!! HOW DO YOU BEND YOUR F@#%ING  ELBOWS WITH SWORDS IN YOUR ARMS!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry… it just really gets me riled up.  I’m going to sequester myself in the Evil Lair’s Rage Room (It’s just a huge rubber room filled with those clowns that you punch and they just pop back up.  They’ve all got pictures of Ryan Reynolds’ face in a Green Lantern mask taped to them), so why don’t you check out this trailer while I go work out a few issues.

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  1. Yeah…. I’m in! This looks like it could be Badass!

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