Villain Spotlight: DC Announces Villain Spotlight DVD…Stole My Idea?

Good morrow fair geeks and geekettes! I was scanning through Facebook yesterday, and noticed a slight announcement on my newsfeed, by none other than DC comics. I was excited as I love hearing about new things being released and enjoy seeing little teasers and previews before they come out. However, what I saw shocked me to my core and made me throw my hands to my keyboard to write up a response. Ladies and gentleman, DC has announced a Villain Spotlight(ish) DVD that they will be releasing soon. Yes, you heard me, DC has taken a cue from good ol’ Arthur and have begun shining a light on more than just their heroes….and I am flustered with borderline happiness and slight bitterness.

Now before I continue, I just want to say that this is not a bashing of DC in any way whatsoever. I love DC and I encourage them wholeheartedly to continue featuring villains in a more prominent role, and I am actually excited about this DVD, but it is something I would’ve loved to be involved in. I came up with the Villain Spotlight idea on a whim a few months ago, and have been having a blast writing them for you all. I understand that there have been other writers who have done things like this, but we all know that Arthur does it best. It’s something that is in my blood and commands me to put it on paper and share it with you all. That out of the way, let’s get to the point of the article…The Villains!


DC has announced that they will be featuring a group of villains, with the ones announced so far being The Joker, Bane, Deathstroke (so much yes), Darkseid and Lex Luthor (and if we are lucky, Sinestro). This is a super group of villains that they have decided to look at, and luckily for them, none of the ones I have spotlighted just yet. If they had announced Solomon Grundy, I may have had a shit fit. The film is more of a documentary, including interviews and clips, all while narrated by Christopher “m’fing” Lee. He’s essentially the voice of a million nerds with his portrayal of Saruman and Count Dooku. Very, very fitting as he has played 2 of literature and film’s best villains, Saruman being the more prominent of the two. Having his voice attached to this is a very good move on DC’s behalf. The film will also include interviews from fans and writers alike, and DC is encouraging fans to dress up as their favorite villains in anticipation of the film, and as a possibility that they may be interviewed. Good on you DC. It’s a nice way of letting their fans know that they want them to be involved, and to get excited for what is to come in this documentary. I am honestly looking forward to it.

Now that I have the pleasantries and descriptions out of the way, I would like to make my point perfectly clear. DC……you need me on this. Not even joking. I understand you have a whole catalog of writers and professionals who are doing everything they can to make this an outstanding production, but one thing you do not have, is a voice of the people. This is something that I would happily provide for you. I am able to infiltrate even the most underground and hidden lairs of evil villainy and make myself known and unknown to people in the right places. I can be an asset that you would never regret. I am not pandering to my own abilities, mind you, more celebrating a union between you and I. A union born of cooperation and understanding.  I have been pouring my heart out for The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks, and want to do them right by standing up and proclaiming that this is my profession and specialty, and implore you to consider my proposal. I am capable of wonderful things and the magic that could be made between us, would be magnificent. I am not coming out and saying that my idea/baby has been pilfered, but if you are going to do something like this, you would want to have the best and brightest….and who would be brighter than a man who eats, breathes, sleeps and writes villainy? Nobody. DC, as of right now, I am calling you out and announcing that this is something that burns white hot in my heart and soul, and if you want to be the best, you need to have the best. I understand it is a slightly boastful statement to make, but my passion would not let me say anything less.

My fellow geeks and geekettes, nerds, bookworms, and everyone under the fiery sun of the Earth, I ask of you this humble request. Let your voices be heard, and let DC know that you want Arthur to be a part of this celebration of villainy. I would never steer you wrong, and your support and help would be most greatly appreciated. Together, we can bring this directly to the people at the highest of all offices in DC, and all other publishers alike. Let them know that you want! Let them know what sets your heart and mind ablaze! Let them know you want Arthur!!! DC, the ball is now in your court. I humbly await your response, as does the rest of the world. Make the right choice.

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  1. thanks a million! it would be my honor to be involved in something like this.

  2. Goodluck! I think DC should give you a shot!

  3. thanks!! I honestly believe it would be a very beneficial production for both sides. thanks for the support!

  4. DC: Lots of villains
    Arthur: Lots to say about villains as fans of these villains see them and relate

    How could this not work well? Give the man a shot!

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