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Today’s collectable is a brand new one of Big Blue himself; Superman. Lee Bermejo has depicted the Man of Steel various times in print, but his design makes this awesome sculpture just come to life. The stance has Superman primed and ready to fight for truth, justice, and the American way after just descending from the air. His signature cape is flapping in the wind and really creates a movement that brings you right into the figure…Check it Out!

Supes Statue

This design is very similar to the cover that Bermejo did for the Pre-New 52 Superman 703 and sulpter Jean St. Jean has taken all the movement and the power that the Man of Steel has in that cover and has translated that for us in 3 powerful dimensions in this iconic statue. The dimensions are 11 inches high x 5 inches wide and 3.75 inches deep, which makes this this hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain beauty the perfect size to be the guardian of your computer desk!

The cover of the Pre-New 52 Superman 703

The cover of the Pre-New 52 Superman 703

Okay, so I know you’re wondering… how much does it cost? You can get this one kinda on the cheap side at $79.95 and it’s available right now at DC Collectables for Pre-Order for a May 31st ship date. What are you waiting for, You’re faster than a speeding bullet… Pre-Order this boyscout right now!

Thanks for Geeking Out… See ya Later Nerds!

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