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Ok, just keep pretending that we're talking to each other and he'll go away.  Is he still looking? How about now?

Ok, just keep pretending that we’re talking to each other and he’ll go away. Is he still looking? How about now?

Greetings Evil Geek zombie fans and welcome back to the Brotherhood’s official Monday morning postmortem report of everyone’s favorite hour of Sunday night TV – The Walking Dead! With two episodes left this season, the shit is bound to hit the proverbial fan sooner or later.  Last week saw Andrea become somewhat of a likeable character again after she tried to escape Woodbury in order to warn her friends at the prison of the Governor’s impending ambush.  After an extremely tense chase, Andrea’s attempt to warn the prison was foiled at the absolute last second as she was nabbed at the doorstep of the prison by the Governor and given a very special invitation to be the first guest in his torture shack.  A word to the wise Andrea, the Yelp reviews for that location have not been kind.  Without further ado, let’s get this Round-Up underway!

When you told me this place had a "sick buffet" this isn't exactly what I was expecting.

When you told me this place had a “sick buffet” this isn’t exactly what I was expecting.


We didn’t get to find out what happens to Andrea and when it comes the mounting tensions between the prison versus Woodbury, our fans are still relatively shit-free.  It’d be easy to say that this episode was just more place setting for the finale, but I see it a little differently, this episode was just as much about character redemption as last week’s episode was.  Before I get any further into the discussion, it would probably be a good time to issue a spoiler warning.  It’s kind of implied that every week this article is going to be a little spoilerish, but given the magnitude of the events of the episode it’s best to stress the warning this week.



So yeah, about that redemption I mentioned earlier.  This week Merle Dixon gets his chance to even his karmic score with the people of the prison.  Last week’s episode featuring Andrea being hunted down by the Governor, was all about redeeming Andrea in the eyes of the viewers.  The character had become grating and after her indecision at being presented with a chance to kill the Governor, seemingly spineless as well.  As much as I found her to be annoying, after the events of Prey I found her to be a sympathetic character.  Merle Dixon doesn’t need redemption with the viewers though. Let’s face it, as big of a hateful, douche as he is, the viewers still love him.  The people living with him at the prison don’t exactly love him, especially those who’d suffered at his hand while in the employ of the Governor.  If this show were The Real World: Zombie Apocalypse, Merle would pretty much be the Puck of the season.  Merle’s presence at the prison has been a source of unease, a fact not lost on either of the Dixon Brothers.  Darryl desperately wants his brother Merle to be accepted by his adopted family, but because of those prior encounters there’s no way Merle will ever be an accepted member of the group.  Surprisingly, we find out in this episode that even though he’s been going along with Darryl’s idea to have him live at the prison, Merle is absolutely aware that he’ll always be seen as an outsider.  He’s been in denial of that, but after being tasked with some “dirty work” from Rick (capturing Michonne), while Merle is taking Michonne to the Governor, the two get into a verbal exchange which results in Merle accepting his role as the outcast.  As Michonne is attempting to talk Merle into going back, he realizes that the only reason he’s been doing all the horrible things he’s done since the zombies showed up, is to gain acceptance from others.  He fears that if he didn’t do the jobs that his leaders didn’t want to do, then they’d think there’s no reason to keep him around.  Not knowing that Rick changed his mind about handing Michonne to the Governor, Merle decides to let her go so she can return to the prison, while he decides to take a drastic measure which will result in the Governor’s forces being weakened ahead of the battle with Rick and the others from the prison.  Merle leads a horde of zombies to the place where Michonne is to be handed over and the zombie mob manages to make a nice lunch out of 8 of the Governor’s men.  Merle is trying to put an end to the war with his desperate act, but unfortunately just as he has the Governor in his rifles sites, he’s captured and killed by the Gubernatorial One.  Darryl, who’d been attempting to track Merle down to tell him to return Michonne to the prison, finds his zombified brother chowing down on one of the Gov’s men and in an incredibly emotional scene Zombie Merle is gruesomely dispatched.  Judging by the way Darryl completely obliterated his brothers skull, I think it’s safe to say that Darryl had a few unresolved issues with his brother.

I sure am going to miss this unlikeable bastard.  R.I.P. Merle

I sure am going to miss this unlikable bastard. R.I.P. Merle

There was of course a noticeable lack of Woodbury action this week, except for the zombie swarm at the end of the show, which was really annoying.  I want to know what’s happening at both locations in the show and I really hate this dynamic of only focusing on one place each week.  There was a rather newsworthy event at the prison though this week, Glen and Maggie are engaged, which is probably the worst idea ever.  I can almost guarantee you now that one of them doesn’t make it past the next episode.  There are no happy endings in the world of The Walking Dead, just ask Sophia. Rick also tells the other prison folks about the deal the Governor offered him and he tells them that he erred when he declared the start of the Rick-tatorship.  He says that he should have told them about the offer and that they should have voted on it.  He also has finally realized that the only reason that they’ve gotten this far and the only way they all will survive, is because they all watched out for each other.  Hey great speech Rick, but you still have a huge problem on your hands: What do you tell Michonne when she gets back?  The cat’s out of the bag as far as his plan to hand her over and now she’s heading back to the prison.  Awk-wwwwaaaaarrrrrdddd….  Of course he did have a change of heart, but is that going to be any comfort to Michonne who had to endure the torture of a road trip with Merle.  It doesn’t look like she has revenge on her mind, but it’s still apt to be a sore point between Rick and Michonne.

Well zombie fans, next week is going to be it for a few months and it’s shaping up to be a DOOZY!!!  The war is about to hit like a hurricane and if it’s anything like the way it went down in the comic, it’s sure to be a bloodbath!  If I were a betting man (and I am) I’d say placing a bet on losing at least one member of the Greene Family next week would be a lock.  My money’s on Hershel, but Beth and/or Maggie shouldn’t get too comfortable either.  As much as I’d love to see this whole situation resolved at the end of next week, I’d honestly be sad to see David Morrissey go from the show.  Losing Michael Rooker’s Merle was already a huge character blow; without a doubt he’ll be missed from this show. Morrissey is such a great villain though, it’d be nice to see him stick around a little longer.  Check back here next Monday morning for the final Zombie Round-Up of Season 3, but you can bet your undead loving ass that C-Mart’s going to right back here the morning after Season 4 kicks off.  See you next week Evil Geeks!


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  1. Don Twice Meyer

    So i am a huge fan of all things kirkman and in truth the WD show was a catalyst to get me back into comics altogether but….god damn. The show is basically that fugly girl who puts out but in the end you both feel bad about it. Sure you get your zombie-kill rocks off but it takes 40 min of for-play before the silly bitch lets ya in. Like come on we both know your gonna give it up lets just get to it murder some undead and roll over in shame. I know they need to fill a season and I appreciate character development as much as the next guy but the show has lost its teeth and gummers are only fun in theory.

    PS. Meryle is a punk glad he’s dead.

    Keep up the good work Geeks. Let the Hate flow through you.

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