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So, I’m in my mid-thirties and my entire life I’ve pretty much lived by one premise and that is that you make a choice in either Star Wars or Star Trek… now before you start yelling, I realize that this may get people upset, but its really how I went through life. I have always been a Star Wars kinds guy because I really liked the swashbuckling aspect to the concept with knights and princesses and Yoda, whereas Star Trek always seemed more science-ey to me. Funny thing is that I really know alot about Trek though, because my Aunt was a big Trekkie and my Dad would watch it frequently too. I remember playing with my Millenium Falcon toy while Trek was on in the background and I’ve seen every episode of the original series, Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine at least twice. Still, I held firmly to my Star Wars roots.

This represents the emotional roller coaster that I've been on since I've been 5!

This represents the emotional roller coaster that I’ve been on since I’ve been 5!

That was until a few years back when J.J. Abrams re-made and in my opinions re-mastered Star Trek for theatrical audiences. I loved so much about this movie, from the story to the casting to the overall look. It didn’t feel cheesy to me any more, in fact it was cool. So with that said, I am super psyched for this summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness. Abram’s sequel just released an international trailer this week and after watching it about a half a dozen times this weekend I am totally ready to Trek-Out in 8 short weeks! To satisfy my new fix I think I’m also gonna check out the new Star Trek video game set to release on April 23rd, which expands the universe between the end of the 2009 film and this summer’s sequel. If nothing else, you gotta check out the re-imagined Gorn!

Woulda loved these guys in the past if they looked more like this instead of a puppet show reject!

Woulda loved these guys in the past if they looked more like this instead of a puppet show reject!

If Carol Marcus had been recruiting for Star Fleet, I would have joined years ago!

I’m pretty sure that Carol Marcus is Star Fleets’ top recruiter!

So I’m realizing better late than never that it’s OK to like both. Man, maybe I should start trying things like Coke and Burger King next, maybe they’ll be good too… 🙂 OK, without further ado check out the new International Trailer…

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  1. As someone who is into sci-fi but never got into Star Trek, I’m really excited for this movie. On a different note, any suggestions on where to start watching Star Trek is greatly appreciated =)

    • Hey Steph!
      I’d recommend JJ Abrams first Star Trek movie. It was really accessible to non-Trekkies in my opinion. If you want to jump into the series, the 60’s one is nostalgic but sometimes hokey. I personally liked Star Trek Deep Space Nine a lot when I was younger, again it was accessible bc I didn’t need to know the continuity to watch and it was a space station, so a lot of cool Sci-Fi elements were in it. Thanks for commenting…. Have fun geeking out to some Trek!

      • Thanks! As I’m now unemployed I have WAAAAY too much time on my hands, and if I can fill it with nerdy-ness, then all the better.

      • The Next Generation is mostly excellent as well. I agree that the new movie is probably the way to go, but the movie Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan is definitely the high water mark for the cast of the original series.

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