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Yesterday at PAX East Capcom announced that it will be releasing a remastered edition of the ever popular NES game Ducktales! The game is a beautiful remake of the original with a few new features including a money bin that you can actually swim in. Fans of The Brotherhood know that we are all Ducktales fanatics and talked about it at length this winter in our now famous Last Exit to Duckburg podcast.

The game will be available for download on X-Box, PS3, and Wii, so everyone will have a chance to get their hands on this remastered-retro masterpiece. Although an actual date hasn’t been set yet, we are expected to see this game in the Summer and I can only hope that means May or June instead of August. Until then, the trailer will have to be enough for us… Check it out!

Not Pony Tails, or Cotton Tails, No… Ducktales!

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  1. I still have the original cartridge for my working NES. This is still a games that lurks in the back of my mind on a semi-regular basis. That said I am super excited about the remastered game!

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