Panel Of The Day 3/22/13

Today’s extra creepy panel of the day starring Professor Xavier And Jean Grey comes courtesy of X-Men #4 from 1964.


I didn’t know about this till recently and it’s one of those weird plot quirks that was never mentioned again. Imagine if Stan Lee did decide to continue with this? X-Men would have turned into one of the creepiest soap opera comics around.


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  2. It actually was mentioned again, twice that I can recall. Early in Claremont’s run, Xavier is talking to Moira and says he once thought he loved Jean almost as much as he had her. Later, in the ’90s, prior to the Onslaught event, Jean was telepathically visited by Onslaught, who tried to convince her to marry him.

    But other than that, yeah, it’s generally ignored as being really weird and creepy. Never mind that he’s twice her age, never mind that he’s her teacher, it’s the wheelchair that would’ve made it wrong to pursue her. Sure, Chuck.

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