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Look, Thor was never my favorite Avenger, not even my favorite god.  I was more of a Hercules fan myself.  Besides, any real scholar of mythology knows that the real god of Thunder is Zeus.  With that said, he is one of the mightiest marvel heroes and one bad ass son of a bitch. In most Avengers books and story arcs he’s the game changer, the MVP and in some cases the savior (Fear Itself).  In the new series, written by Jason Aaron Thor: God of Thunder, this iconic team member of the Avengers, breaks out on his own as he seeks to uncover a plot, thousands of years in the making, to kill every God in the Universe.  These first five issues remind you of how awesome and important Thor is a character in the Marvel universe.  The artwork by Esad Ribic is brilliant in this book, especially the transition between past, present and future Thor. I’ll explain…


The story starts in 893 A.D. on the west coast of Iceland.  A young Thor celebrates with a group of warriors after a great victory, killing a frost giant that had been terrorizing local villages in the area.  During the feast, a scream is heard in the distance.  A young Thor, eager for the next fight, dashes off hoping it’s another frost giant.  What he finds instead, is an old woman screaming over the remains of a man torn to pieces.  When Thor gets a closer look, he realizes that the figure ripped apart is not a man, but a god.  The “oh shit!” expression on  his face  is priceless.   Take a look.


The story then shifts to the present on a distant planet in deep space called Indigarr.  The inhabitants of this planet sit around praying to their god to bring salvation from a devastating drought.  No sooner do they finish praying, when a thunder bolt strikes down from the heavens, bringing rain and the mighty Thor.  As they celebrate a native of the planet, still in disbelief that his prayers are answered, tells Thor that his people prayers had fallen on deaf ears for a long time.  Curious, Thor takes to the sky and comes across a palace, home to the planets gods.  As he enters he discovers what remains of the planets’ gods, there giant bodies left hanging, countless others dead in the temple.  As he looks down he notices something familiar and is attacked by a black demon like creature.


A final shift in time and a familiar trend in this new book, takes us to Asgard thousands of years into the future.  An old Thor, now king of Asgard and a spitting image of Odin, down to the eye patch, stands alone facing an army of these black demons.  The last God in existence faces off against a foe that he failed to kill before. Because of his failures all but one God remain.  This night, deep into the future, the King of Asgard looks to end this menace once and for all, or die trying.  The artwork here is incredible.  I can’t decide which panel is more bad ass!



As the books progress the story goes back and forth between these three phases of Thor’s life.  Instead of jumping back and forth, I’ll try to make it easier to follow.  Years after seeing the butchered god before him, a young Thor rides off to battle with the humans that worship him against another mighty army.  Before the battle begins, the deity that the opposing army worships has been decapitated  by a mysterious dark figure in the sky. Thor quickly jumps on the back of a Pegasus and takes off after him, without Mijonir. At this point in his life, he wasn’t worry to wield it’s awesome power.  He was too busy killing, getting shit faced and getting laid.  It’s like college without the death and flying horses.


Here is where he comes face to face with the god butcher himself, Gorr.  He looks likes a scary, pissed off, light blue version of the dude that Luke mind fucks, when he’s trying to get into Jaba’s palace in Return of the Jedi.  He also kinda looks like a jacked version of Voldemort, with long ears, like the slave girl that’s get’s thrown in the pit in Jaba’s palace.  I love that movie.  In this battle, Gorr gets the best of Thor.  Thor stabbed repeatedly and is close to dying, until a giant flash of lightning hits Gorr, knocking Thor off his killer.


After he recovers, Thor tracks down the god butcher to a cave not far from where they fought.  In the cave, Gorr gets the upper hand.  Thor is defeated, chained and hung upside down like a goat, awaiting slaughter.   Luckily for Thor a group of Vikings come to his aid.  Thor is freed by one of the Vikings and attacks Gorr, while he’s busy killing humans and chops off his right arm.  He continues to get his licks and until Gorr vanishes.  Young Thor thinks, he’s killed this enemy.  Not only is he wrong, he doomed all Gods by not getting the job done.


The Thor of the present tracks down the gods of Indigaar and is attacked by a black demon like construct.  After he defeats this foe, he looks for other godless worlds.  Upon doing some research and with a little help from Iron Man, he’s on the hunt for the God Killer that he thought he killed hundreds of years ago.



The panels of the dead gods are incredible.  Not only are they drawn well, they also showcase the awesome power of Gorr, and legitimizes his place a super villain and a rival to Thor.  Thor tracks down Gorr at Cronux, where Gorr has you guessed it, kills a lot of gods.  These gods are time keepers, capable of time travel.  By using drops of their own blood they can travel back in time.  To meet the needs of the god butcher, and entire pool is filled with the blood of these deities.  Once Gorr, submerges himself in this blood, he travels back in time to the birth of creation and to one of the elder gods in a place called the Void.  He emerges from this pool holding the heart of the giant baby like god he kills.  At that moment, Thor strikes, but this time Gorr isn’t ready to kill Thor.  He’s saved him for last.  Thor follows Gorr into the pool and into Asgard 900 years into the future, where he comes upon himself.


Future Thor is not like the two younger versions.  There’s still fight left in the God of Thunder, it’s just not much.  He’s alone, defending Asgard from Gorr’s army of constructs.  The battle that rages from the first issue to the fifth is awesome.  Tragically, the mighty King and last god alive is defeated by Gorr’s army.  But instead of death, Gorr’s demon constructs carry Thor back to his thrown and leave him there, begging for death!

Thor 12

After a quick breather, he regains himself, calls for Mijonir and gets right back into action.  Once present day Thor time travels into the future, both Thor’s are able to hold off Gorr’s army and make them retreat.  This is small victory, because in the distance Gorr, knowing of both Thor’s in future Asgard, continues his quest of a godless age.


So far this story arc has got me wanting more and more.  Tune in next week when we look into the origin of Gorr, the God killer himself.  This is a great read and one of the best books Marvel Now has out there, so start reading.

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