What’s Killing My Social Life This Week – Far Cry 3

Oh yeah, thats going to attract some sharks...

Oh yeah, thats going to attract some sharks…

It’s high noon Evil Geeks.  Back in the Old West, that usually meant that someone was about to get shot, but today… well chances are these days someone’s still about to get shot, but it’s 12 o’clock and that sounds like the perfect time to talk about What’s Killing My Social Life This Week!  Today we’re going to be going over Ubisoft Montreal’s epic ode to 90’s HBO Thursday Night Prime movies, Far Cry 3.  Get out your water shoes and Bermuda shorts, because you will get tropical on this ride.  I highly recommend powdering your junk with some Gold Bond first though; with all this heat and humidity there’s bound to be an epidemic of chafing!

...See, I was right!  Nice going Zissou.

…See, I was right! Nice going Zissou.

I’ve been in desperate need of a good, time-consuming, action game.  I’m not entirely familiar with the Far Cry series, but to me they always seemed like a video game version of a Lorenzo Lamas movie.  There’s exotic locations, bikini’d babes, dudes walking around with AK-47’s whilst possibly drug-running, and I’m assuming a soundtrack akin to a soft-core porn film.  I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Far Cry 3 though and getting some great reviews from gamers that I know who’d been playing it.  It took me a while to finally getting around to playing it and now I wished I’d picked it up A WHOLE LOT sooner.

Wow, they even have rednecks in the South Pacific. All that ATV needs is a beer holder and this could be Alabama.

Wow, they even have rednecks in the South Pacific. All that ATV needs is a beer holder and this could be Alabama.

The plot revolves around the three Brody brothers and their friends, who are on one of those thrill-seeking, daredevil vacations that only exist in Mountain Dew commercials.  The group of well-to-do, stereotypically “Extreme!!!” youngsters  are cruising around the waters near Thailand, when fate screws them over pretty hard and they then find themselves taken prisoner by a group of pirates.  Unfortunately they’re not the cool “Yaaaaarrrrrr! Avast ye’ matey!” type pirates, but rather the kind that tote machine guns and rocket launchers.   The main character of the story is Jason Brody, the middle brother.  After being knocked unconscious, Jason awakens, tied to a bamboo cage along with his brother Grant.  Semi-luckily for them, Grant happens to be an ex-Marine, so his training allows them to get free.  I say semi-luckily because while Jason gets free of the camp, Grant doesn’t quite make it out and Jason finds himself fleeing into the dangerous jungle, completely alone.  He eventually finds his way to a camp of people who are at war with the pirates, who take Jason in, cure his wounds and give him a funky new tribal tattoo or as the natives say “Ta-T’ow” (Seriously, a tribal tattoo? Can this game BE anymore 90’s?!?!) .  This tattoo somehow mystically imbues Jason with skills and powers which allow him to go from being a spoiled little rich boy, to a jungle-stalking assassin as he levels up throughout the game.  After Jason familiarises himself with the aspects of the island, he sets out to rescue his younger brother and the rest of his friends from the claws of the villainous pirates.  Along the way Jason can choose to help the natives reclaim the island from the pirates.

The fishing industry in Cabo was a competitive one to say the least.

The fishing industry in Cabo Blancos was a competitive one to say the least.

The game itself plays like a mix between Grand Theft Auto and Skyrim with a little Red Dead Redemption thrown in for extra flavor.  It borrows elements from each of those games: the vehicles and guns of GTA, the RPG elements of Skyrim, the animal hunting from Red Dead and of course the massive worlds of each of those games.  The world of Far Cry 3 is completely GARGANTUAN!  I’ve been playing almost non-stop for a week now and I’ve barely cleared a small section of the first island.  There’s actually a hefty dose of the Assassins Creed series in this game too, as Jason must climb rickety WWII era radio towers to make new areas of the map visible.  Just like the other games I mentioned, it’s incredibly easy to get lost in Far Cry 3’s side missions.  There are Islanders to be helped, criminals to be killed and animals to be hunted down; all of which can sidetrack you from the main story for hours, if not days at a time.  As you kill baddies and reclaim parts of the island, Jason earns skill points which can be used to unlock new skills and expand the mysterious Ta-T’ow on his arm.  I’m surprised at the amount of time I’ve spent hunting the islands various animals while I’ve been playing this game.  The island is home to docile creatures like deer and tapirs, but it’s also home to not so nice beasts like bears, komodo dragons, in addition to an array of ferocious jungle cats like jaguars, panthers, and tigers.  After you dispatch the creatures, you can use their hides to craft valuable items like weapons holsters and ammo pouches.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find the animals you need to make stuff and other times you’ll unexpectedly run across something you’d much rather not encounter.  I nearly shit myself the fist time I came face-to-face with a Sumatran Tiger while I was stalking a herd of deer, I can only imagine what I’d do if I actually ever saw one in the wild.

Unless you've reached Nugent-like levels of hunting skill, I'd recommend packing something a little heavier if you're going after big cats.

Unless you’ve reached Nugent-like levels of hunting skill, I’d recommend packing something a little heavier if you’re going after big cats.

This truly is one amazing game.  Not only is the story really engrossing, but the graphics are among the best I’ve ever seen on a console (I’m honestly hoping I can say that again next week when I get my mitts on Bioshock Infinite!).  The jungle environments are incredibly life-like and I’ve even found myself watching the sun rise or set on occasion, marveling at its realism.  The sound is equally impressive as the graphics.  You’ll find yourself nervously wandering through the jungle, jumping at any growl or animal noise you hear.  The weapons loadout is fantastically sweet as well.  You’ve got your standard pistols, assault rifles, SMG’s, and shotguns, but you can also get stuff like bows, flare guns, RPG’s, or even flame throwers!

I went looking for an engrossing action game and I certainly found it with Far Cry 3.  A spectacular game from everything I’ve seen so far!  What’s Killing My Social Life This Week will be back real soon with a review of Bioshock Infinite and probably a few other titles soon, but if you’ll excuse me, right now I’ve got an island to liberate as well as some young twenty-somethings to rescue.  See you soon Evil Geeks!

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