The Beyonder’s Superhero Sixteen Tournament of Champions…Round 2!

Good Afternoon Ladies and GentleNerds!

The first Round of the Beyonder’s tournament saw some expected outcomes, but there were a couple of upsets. Now Krona is pissed because his whole bracket is fucked up and it looks like Thanos might take it all!

I've got this Tourney in the bag!

I’ve got this Tourney in the bag!

In Round One we saw the World Mightiest Mortal; Captain Marvel lay waste to Invincible… It was a close match, but at the end Magic trumped. Batman convinced Deadpool to check himself into Arkham. Hal punked Sodam Yat and taught him a thing or two about ring-slinging and Spidey tricked l’ Magneto by bringing all his clones to play!

After that Superman used his arctic breath on the torch and took him out, but felt really bad about it. Kaine crapped himself and had to be removed when he heard about The Hulk. Black Panther got the pitty win because Rogue felt bad about his break-up with Storm and Wolverine scratched Cap’s shield, so he got mad and went home!


Later Nerds!

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  1. Like the choices, many tough calls, but Invincible losing in R1? He stacks up as far superior to every familiar comic hero he encounters in his world, and not “could beat them” superior, but “makes them look useless” superior. Sure, same could be said about Superman who is of course on par with Captain Marvel, but… wait who’s point am I trying to prove again? Anyway, all I’m saying is that a guy who was happy to strangle the life out of Conquest while said villain went all feng shui with said hero’s internal organs deserves to at least make it to the second round.

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