The Beyonder’s Superhero Sixteen Tournament of Champions!

Good Afternoon Ladies and GentleNerds!

Spring is almost upon us and that means March Madness! Believe it or not, cosmic dieties get into it too and Marvel baddie The Beyonder is a huge NCAA fan. Everyone knows that these cosmic creator-types are all very pushy and patience isn’t their thing. He’s decided to create his own Superhero Sixteen Tournament of Champions to duke it out over the next few days to amuse him and his buddies (Krona, Korvac, Thanos, and Lady Styx…yeah, they’re all kinda dicks!) in between the college games.

Never Trust a guy who Smiles this much... He'll end up trying to re-make reality!

Never Trust a guy who Smiles this much… He’ll end up trying to re-make reality!

The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks will keep you updated on the progress of the tournament. Feel free to print off the bracket and follow along at home so you can feel like a Manipulator of Worlds too!

Superhero 16

Later Nerds!

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