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Cheer up Evil Geeks, because it’s time for the silver lining in the grey, menacing storm cloud that is Monday morning; an all-new Zombie Round-Up!  Welcome back to the Brotherhood’s weekly breakdown of all things concerning the ambulatory undead.  Last week’s episode saw all the players getting to their appropriate sides ahead of the upcoming war between the prison and Woodbury.  However, when the dust settled and the battle lines were drawn one player seemed to be going in a direction that she specifically said she couldn’t.  Andrea decides to return to Woodbury with the Governor, even though Hershel let her know that he’s been up to some shady stuff with Maggie during the time she was his prisoner.  Was Andrea too frightened to leave the maniacal Governor or is she plotting to overthrow him?  And by “overthrow”, I mean knife him in his sleep.


The one thing we learned about Tyreese this week: He apparently has the aiming capabilities of your average Stormtrooper. Guy couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.

As Andrea left with the Governor last episode, I immediately knew that decision would come back to haunt her.  Sure enough, this week’s episode turns Andrea into the titular prey as she decides to backtrack on her decision to stay in Woodbury.  At the beginning of the episode, we see the Governor complete the journey he’s gone through this season; going from morally grey, seemingly normal leader type guy, to all out evil nutjob.  It’s almost a physical transformation in the sense that the moment he goes full-on Nick Fury and dons his black trench coat, whatever shred of humanity that my have remained in him, appears now to be totally gone. Once the coat is on, he’s gone full villain.  By the end of the episode, before you find out what happened to Andrea, the Governor’s lying to his own trusted lieutenants about Andrea’s fate.  He’s going in the opposite direction that Rick has been moving in the back half of this season.  After his sobering encounter with Morgan, Rick realizes that he needs to be open and more trusting of other people.  The Governor on the other hand is systematically eliminating people from his circle of trust and closing himself off from those that would have helped him otherwise.  Even Milton, whom the Governor knows is terrified of him and would always remain loyal, has been cut out of the Governor’s narrowing circle of trust.

Yaaaarrrrr... I"m an even bigger scumbag than Shane.

Yaaaarrrrr… I”m an even bigger scumbag than Shane.

The Governor probably has good reason to not trust his loyal toadie Milton anymore.  Anyone else besides me think that Milton was clearly the one who set fire to the Governor’s zombie traps and the trailer full of walkers that was to be used against Rick and the others?  Milton of course is the reason that the Governor is still alive at all.  Andrea was ready to snipe at him while he was lounging in his torture shack, but Milton prevented her from killing him.  Milton being as wishy-washy as Andrea is, also finally comes to his senses and realizes what a horrible person the Governor is, way too late to do any good.  Milton isn’t the only Woodbury resident reconsidering following the Governor.  After an encounter with a fleeing Andrea, Tyreese is starting to see Woodbury’s leader in a different light.  He doesn’t want to jeopardize the safe haven that he and his friends have found, but he is morally at odds with the Governor’s plan to attack Rick.  The seeds of dissent have been sown in Woodbury, is that what’s finally going to bring the Governor down?

Overall I had mixed feelings about this episode.  I enjoyed the tense, silent chase between Andrea and the Governor, but I really hate it when a serialized show airs an episode that only focuses on one aspect of the story so late in the season.  There’s three episodes left in the season and the only time we see anyone from the prison, is when we see Rick narrowly miss seeing Andrea before she’s snagged by the Governor.  With an impending war and with the intense decision that Rick was tasked with regarding Michonne at the end of last episode, surely there must be some story to tell in this episode.  Are they making defense plans? Setting up traps?  Coming up with an escape plan?  We need to know what’s going on there too damn it! Don’t rob of us that aspect of the story and more importantly don’t kill the momentum you had built up from the previous episode.  Another thing that kind of bugged me was the Governor’s decision to take Andrea prisoner and lock her in his torture shack.  Strategically there’s no benefit in doing that; he’s leaving a possible loose end to dangle.  Sure the Governor’s not playing with a full deck and some might say he’s got some murderish, rapey, stuff in mind, but I don’t think that he’d do that to Andrea.  As evil and twisted as others may see him, he still sees himself as the good guy and I don’t think the he’d do that to someone he was so close to.  I could be wrong, the guy did have fish tanks full of heads, but I see the Governor as more criminal mastermind evil and not thuggish, street crime evil.

It looks like next week we’ll finally get to hear from the prison folk again as the battle with Woodbury looms closer and closer.  I’m predicting a high body count over these last two epsiodes of the season, but time will only tell if I’m right.  Remember to check back here the morning after for another all-new Zombie Round-Up!

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