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Salutations and heartfelt good mornings to you all! I welcome you back for another dose of sheer villainy in this week’s Villain Spotlight. Today, I am going to do something slightly different,  however very much the same. Normally I like to choose villains from movies, tv, games, comics and everything under that banner, but today, I am going to give you guys a villain from (GASP!) music and comics. Hailing from the comfort of his tower on Sector 6, I give you the self-appointed Supreme Tri-Mage…Wilhelm Ryan!


A long time ago, when I was starting a new journey called high school, I was introduced to a band called Coheed and Cambria. My buddy was well informed of my love of stories and music, and he said it would be right up my alley. I purchased “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth” (there’s a bit more to the title, you’ll know which one I am talking about) and proceeded to throw it into my car stereo to listen to while driving around. It was a rocky road, not necessarily liking them at first, but not hating. Then indifference turned to hate, and then by some form of goddamn sorcery, it all got switched around and I fell in love with them. I seem to do this with most of the bands I enjoy, as if they need to prove to me that I should like them. I’m an asshole, I understand that. Anyways, without sounding like I am sucking off Claudio or anything, the band is rather amazing, and the story written and woven into the music by Claudio Sanchez, is probably one of the best I’ve heard and read. I won’t give too many spoilers, or try not to at least, mainly because this article is about one man form the whole Amory Wars universe. The catalyst for the whole war and bringer of death to countless people, Wilhelm Ryan.


Ryan was elected to govern over Sector 6 by 10 out of the 11 mage governing body. Only one person found him to not be fit for the job, Covent Marth, who could see the malice and feel the evil pulsating through Ryan. Ryan, not being content with just ruling one sector, decides to take over all of them after building up his Red Army. A swift and decisive victory has almost the entire Keywork( a blue glowing force the holds all of the planets in Heaven’s Fence together) and the planets connected by the Keywork under his control. Fucking hardass. Coven Marth decides to take action, thinking he is the only one who can kill this evil, thieving fuckface. Ambushing Ryan, he destroyed his Citadel and crushed his hopes of taking over everything permanently. However, not all was as it seemed. Upon returning to his own home, Marth found Ryan waiting for him, and straight up fucking incinerated his ass, leaving nothing but ashes of Marth in his place. With this act, Ryan ended the Mage Wars, and took everything under his iron grasp. But much like all dictators, Ryan feels like there will always be someone out there to rise up and try to make a break for everyone’s freedom. Much to my glee, he pulls an order 66, and begins trying to wipe out all who could potentially oppose him, possibly even tea-bagging corpses on his way to the top. The worst offense being the manipulation and deaths attributed to his experimentations with Coheed and Cambria, resulting in literally one of the most horrific acts ever needed to be perpetrated by a father. It breaks my heart just thinking about it. Yes, I do have a heart, although I keep it in a jar of dirt just so I don’t have to look at the fucking thing.

heaven's fence

Next in Ryan’s sight, is the one who is prophesied to bring down the kingdom he has worked so maliciously hard to build, is Coheed’s son, Claudio. I won’t go too far into depth considering I promised to make it spoiler free, but it is a serious affair that both men go through, especially Claudio. Honestly, just the sheer torture and misery that Claudio has to go through due to the machinations of Ryan is unbelievable. Not in a bad way, but in a way that makes you pray something like this never happens to someone you love. Ryan makes moves that would make Luthor say, fuck this guy. With most villains, there is some form of boundaries that they will not cross, and if they do, they are dealt with swiftly. With Ryan, it is as if no boundaries are created, and he does things that really make you cringe.  Not trying to give any spoilers here, but just a hypothetical situation…If you were told that a member of your family was going to evolve and become the destroyer of everything alive and known, what would you do? Would you kill that person? Would you tell the person who told you that to go fuck themselves? Would you try and run away with your family and try to prevent the whole situation without needless killing? I’m sure that is a decision nobody would ever want to make. But it is a decision that needs to be made. It’s a heart wrenching and horrifying moment that makes everything fall into place and solidify Ryan as such a fucking bastard, that you can’t help but be fascinated by the whole thing. It’s a wonder how someone could really just shut off that emotional conscience switch, and just go full on dickface. Its something that really bothers me sometimes. I know I say I’m evil and malicious and whatnot, but even that is well beyond my realms of villainy.

ryan and mayo

Coheed and Cambria have released multiple albums chronicling the adventures and horrors faced by the citizens of Heaven’s Fence, due to Ryan’s ambitions, and they tell through music an entire narrative rarely seen from most artists. It’s refreshing to listen to something and actually want to continue listening to hear the next part of the story, not just to listen to the next song. It compels you to continue forward, much like how the characters are compelled to keep pushing forward and try to end Ryan’s reign. The best part of this is that the story has essentially concluded in the music, but it is being released in full graphic novels detailing all of the songs, albums, and chapters in the saga that is The Amory Wars. I would legitimately implore you to give it all a listen. If anything, it will turn your eyes towards the villainy that is Wilhelm Ryan, and make you appreciate the character that Claudio Sanchez is fleshing out right before your eyes and ears. You will also be introduced to someone who is honestly one of my favorite characters from the whole series, Mayo Deftinwolf. Who is a fucking bastard in his own right. Funny how I gravitate towards that, huh? Now go and keep an eye on Heaven’s Fence. Odin knows they need an extra set or two.

ryan threatens god

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