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Hey now, Evil Geeks!  When it comes to gaming, I’m mainly a console man; but every now and then a mobile game will sink its hooks into me, keeping me completely distracted from whatever I”m supposed to be doing at the time.  Lately, theme park logistics and the care/feeding of previously extinct reptiles has been keeping me up late at night or checking my phone constantly at work, as I’ve been pretty addicted to Jurassic Park Builder by Ludia.   I’ve torn myself away from my iPad for a little while to be able to write this, so let’s get into the review because I’ve got some animals to feed!

Awwww.....who's a cute little stampeding death machine? Yes you are!

Awwww…..who’s a cute, little, stampeding death machine? Yes you are!

Welcome to Jurassic Park (Builder)! I happened to be looking through the iTunes App Store the other day when Jurassic Park Builder caught my eye.  The premise intrigued me;building my own miniature Jurassic Park, that sounds amazing!  Come on, DINOSAURS!!!  It was a free game (you can LITERALLY spare no expense and still pick up the game!), so I figured what the hell and downloaded it.  I think by the end of that day I had dropped at least 10 or 12 real-life dollars on various add-ons for my digital dino park.  It was a rough few days in the lead up to payday because of that, but on the upside – You can stop by C-Mart’s DinoPark and check out my bad ass Pteranodons!

You start out the game with just one little baby Triceratops, which makes you money, and two loading docks – one for meat and one for plants.  Although, if they really wanted to give you the full Jurassic Park experience, shouldn’t you start out with nothing but a flea circus, just like John Hammond.  You use your cash to activate the loading docks for set periods of time, which brings food for your dinos (the plants go to the herbivores and the meat goes to the cooler, carnivorous dinosaurs).  You then keep feeding the beasts until they level up at which point they earn you more money.  You can also clear away patches of jungle to expand your park and build tiny roads for those cool looking Jurassic Park SUV’s to traverse.  When you clear away land, you can find pieces of amber which allow you to research DNA to make more dinosaurs.  Different types of dinosaurs earn you different amounts of cash at differing intervals, so you constantly have to check back because some max out after five minutes while others take several hours.  You can also add attractions like hotels, restaurants, and exotic plants.  You can also add less touristy things like security towers and pump stations, which also earn you some bank.

Also, there’s a frantically fun mini-game that you can play every so often that simulates a storm coming and forces you to race across your park, tapping various pens and cages in order to prevent your dinosaurs from escaping.  I haven’t had any get away from me just yet, so I’m not sure what happens if they get out, but I saw the movies so I know nothing good can come of that.

A bit of sad honesty: Several times over the past week, while sitting alone in the Evil Lair, I’ve gasped out loud “My dinosaurs!” then ran and grabbed my iPad because I completely forgot to collect the coins from my prehistoric menagerie.  The game plays pretty similar to other resource management type games, so if you’ve played stuff like The Simpsons Tapped Out, then you pretty much know what to expect from a game like this.  The feeding of the animals adds a frustrating new element to your decisions, because several times I found myself trying to decide between feeding the animals, doing more research, or buying additions for the park.  Luckily those dinosaurs don’t die if you go without feeding them, otherwise my park would be filled with mountains of dino-corpses rotting next to the dancing fountains by the guest bungalows.  I’m only up to level 8, but as I was doing research for this article I found out that you can eventually add underwater attractions and dinosaurs also!  That little revelation is going to keep me going for at least a little while longer!

While it doesn’t exactly break new ground, it is still fun to play, plus it looks really great too.  This one is great for gamers of any age, the kids will love the dinosaurs and adults will be kept busy building and managing the park.  It’s free and available for both iOS and Android devices.  Click the link below to grab it at the iTunes store!  That’s all we got for today, so check back soon for another edition or with the slew of good games coming out over the next month it’d probably more accurate to say EDITIONS of What’s Killing My Social Life This Week!  I’m not sure exactly what the next title will be, but it’s down to either God of War:Ascension or Bioshock Infinite.


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  1. So glad you don’t need to feed them, I love my baby brachiosaurus and was gutted when he ‘grew up’. Thank goodness for ‘evolution’ which made a new baby. Awesome game. I’m 42 and my son is 5. We’re both hooked (but I won’t pay big bucks for the TRex and my boy ‘won’t be my friend now’) Aw!

    • That T-Rex is seriously expensive! It’d probably cost less to fund an expedition to the Savage Land and catch one myself. Still, when I saw it was finally available for purchase, Adult, Fiscally Responsible Me did battle with my inner, dinosaur loving 10 year-old self over whether or not to shell out the dough. Sadly, C-Mart Dino Park is without a T-Rex today, but my wallet is definitely appreciative of that. There is something very “Cat’s In the Cradle” about watching the baby Dino’s grow up, lol!

  2. It’s an amazing game, I can’t stop playing it either. Progress can be a little slow the further you continue into the game, but for something that hasn’t cost me a penny – it’s worth it! Great article.

    • Agreed! It’s without a doubt a fun little game and that fact that it’s free makes it that much better. Although I keep finding myself dropping 2 bucks at time on those special dollars you use to speed up building times and buy special stuff. Damn you subliminal marketing!!! I’m really kind of psyched up for the underwater boards too. Reading you’re comment right now actually just reminded me that I haven’t collected from my dinos in a while, gotta run!

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