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Good Morning Geeks!

About two weeks ago Marvel released a couple of ads that had people in the comics world shaking their heads going, huh? The first one was just a big #1 with a bunch of their characters names written in it. Rumors were going through the internet, and not gonna lie, I thought they were launching a new Marvel Universe book with a revolving cast myself. Nope, instead as part of it’s successful MARVEL Now! venture and campaign, the comics giant is making an offer to every nerd in the world that they can’t refuse… FREE COMICS! To be clear, they are offering 700 different issue #1’s of their popular books for free until Tuesday, March 12th. Along with brand new books like All-New X-men and Superior Spider-Man, you’ll be able to download classic #1 issues like Silver Age Avengers and Fantastic Four.


OK, so how’s it work? What the catch? Well, you’ve just got to sell your to Mephisto… just kidding! All you’ve gotta do is visit comicstore.marvel.com and make a free account to start reading. Now, I realize that only a handful of evil geeks in existence can read 700 book’s in a day… in fact, maybe only me and C-Mart, but that’s OK; when you make your account on the website or in the mobile App you have the ability to download or “add” these free issues to you digital collection to read in your spare time whenever you’d like.

I mentioned above that Marvel released two ads, the second one can be seen below and is a simple black background with a whole bunch of notches scratched in red ink that appear to be counting something… in fact they are counting 52 somethings! (OH SNAP) So is this just Marvel talking smack to its competition? Or will something come out of this one too? I’m without a doubt a DC Fanboy, but this has me intrigued as I’ve been impressed with Marvel as a company these past few years. Part of me feared that when good ‘ol Mickey bought them out that the Comics community would suffer, luckily those comics failures have only happened on Earth 2 so we’re in the clear.


Even if you’re a Marvel Zombie, I’d recommend checking this Issue #1 promotion out because who knows, you might find a first issue of a book from ten years ago or three months ago that you missed and just think is awesome… so get out there and download some comics (FOR FREE!!!!!!) Plus tell us what you think about the potential smack-talk!

Later Nerds!

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