Homemade TMNT Legos?

The Evil Geeks are Lego Maniacs, but our friend Lousmer is a certified Lego Psychopath. Within the hallowed walls of the Evil Geeks Lair that’s a compliment in the highest order. He recently showed us some of his homemade Lego projects and we were so impressed we wanted to share them with you. This particular batch is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed, the first is Casey Jones’ classic look and the second is the robot Metalhead whose design is based on the new TMNT Nickelodeon cartoon.



Bad fucking ass.

Check back for more of Lousmer’s creations!

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  1. We’ll reach out to the creator and see if he can provide us with more pictures and possibly a walk through the creative process. Expect more custom lego’s in the future though!

  2. yeah more pics of metal head from different
    angle I want one

  3. Can you show how you built the metal head?

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