Panel of the Day 3/9/13

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Today’s panel of the day comes from A+X #5 and features Iron Fist and Doop! Not gonna lie, I dig Doop… seriously, I like the fact that he exists in this serious world of superheroes and he’s just this floating green blob who speaks in gibberish. It’s funny just to think of all the ridiculous X-Men we’ve seen over the years that have been forgotten about, but good ‘ol Doop is still hanging around, and in todays panel he’s rockin’ an Indiana Jones-like fedora…


Doop’s hangin with Danny Rand… the Iron Fist himself. I like the fact that Marvel has brought him back into the fold as a regular Avenger these past few years. Hell, I remember the 90’s when Iron Fist was never featured in anything, same with Cage too. But Bendis brought these guys back in a big way and gave Mr. Rand here a fun personality to boot. Based on the panel it’s obvious that these two have been long-time wingmen for one each other… Awesome!

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