We NEED this for the Evil Lair! 3/7/2013

Hey Geeks!

Big Evil’s back with an awesome collectable that I may seriously be throwing down my hard earned money for sometime this summer! Sideshow Collectables has a brand new Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Premium Format Figure that you can get on pre-order today. Just so we’re clear, this isn’t one of your dad’s toys; this is 12 pound, 21 inch tall sculpture of awesomeness! Basically it’s got Hal standing on a base of green willpower with a classic giant GL power fist wrapping around his hand… Check it out!



With many of Sideshows products, you can customize the look and take off the giant green construct hand if you’d like to just show off the ring. Also, both the base and the power fist light up which really sells the light construct!



Okay, so I know you’re wondering… how much does it cost? You can get this limited edition badass GL sculpture for $349.99 through Sideshow right here. It’s not a drop in the bucket, but they’re only making 75 of these bad boys so they wont last forever and chances are you’ll see this at a big con in a couple of years for around $500. So if you’re a GL fanboy (or girl,) then go to Sideshow Collectables and order yours today because there’s only gonna be 74 available after the Geeks get theirs!

Thanks for Geeking Out… See ya Later Nerds!

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