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Good morning villains! I bet you all have been salivating in anticipation for a Villain Spotlight. Unfortunately, last week we had a death in the family, and paid tribute to Damian Wayne in a way that only we can. I figured it would be inappropriate to have a Villain Spotlight in light of such sheer heroics. This week however, is different. We are in full on villainy mode, and today I bring to you a special attraction. Mainly because it is a role played by two men in the same movie! What sort of sorcery is this? It is the magic made by John Woo in the dove infused masterpiece, Face Off. Brace yourselves kids….I bring to you….Castor Troy!

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Nicolas Cage is known to the internet as more of a joke than anything else, and to be honest, I don’t find that to be fair. I normally have absolutely no problem with Nicolas Cage. I find him to be a decent actor (shut up, all of you) and do not really mind his work all that much. Granted, he tends to star in movies that make me want to kill myself, but he does what he can with what is given to him. On the other hand, Castor Troy is also played by John Travolta, of talking baby and dog fame. Lending a different, but similar take on the character, Travolta gives him a more calm crazy approach, in contrast to Cage’s full on crazy portrayal of Troy. I am going to be splitting this into a look at Cage’s work and Travolta’s work on the character. Mainly because putting them into one spot would be a disservice and just plain ludicrous speed.

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Castor Troy is introduced to us as a crazy, terrorist for hire played by Nicolas Cage in the beginning of the movie. Immediately cementing himself as the villain by doing what is literally one of the most metal things ever done on screen, he walks into a church choir performance, positions himself in a power stance, and straight head bangs his way through the chorus of the choir. Let me just say this real quick….FUCK….YES. Next, he proceeds to grab the ass of a surprisingly underage looking girl, while himself going up an octave because his balls just exploded at his own awesomeness. It is an amazing 4 minute maximum scene that lets you know that Castor Troy, much like Wu-Tang, ain’t nothing to fuck with. Hot on his heels though is FBI Agent Archer, as played by John Travolta. Troy and Archer have a long history together as Troy was responsible for the death of Archer’s son by dance number…I’m sorry, I mean bullet. This attack acts as the catalyst for Archer’s obsession with catching Troy. After a chase in an airport and Cage being thrown a good million feet to crash into a cage (get it?) he slumps over, immediately in a coma. I am not sure about most of you, but he falls asleep instantly at this point, which I call bullshit on, because it takes me a good hour to fall asleep at night. I understand he was blown over with the force of a million exploding suns (Horse The Band and Sentry references? You’re making me blush) but with all the adrenaline that was pumping through his body at that point, he should have at least taken a minute to finally pass out. Convenient plot twists aside, this is the time when Archer realizes that Troy planted a bomb somewhere in the city, and in order to find it, he has to be Troy ( DUN DUN DUN!!!) Cue the tearing off of faces, the switching of body types and crews. Archer is now Troy, and Finkle is Einhorn.

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Behold!!! Not all goes as planned though, as Troy wakes up faceless in the hospital and proceeds to kill all involved in the face transplant, and takes Archer’s face for himself. Hilarity ensues, and the major plot of the movie is set in motion. Troy proceeds to go apeshit in Archer’s face and body and essentially takes over his life, all the while Archer/Troy is sent to prison for the real Troy’s crimes. While attempting to bang his wife, and make us thoroughly uncomfortable in the daughter department, Troy/Archer actually finds the bomb that he planted, takes care of it, and becomes a hero. In the process, he kills his director with a serious punch to his heart that induces a heart attack, and he is promoted, making him essentially untouchable, unlike the button on my hilarity meter. I can’t tell you how hard a punch would need to be to give a man a heart attack, but I can tell you that it is less than the force you need to punch a hole into a piece of wet paper. The man goes down faster than the guy in the bathroom in the Basketball Diaries. That’s besides the point. Anyway, Troy/Archer is the city’s hero now, and Archer/Troy is on the run. Meets up with his wife, convinces her he is him with a convenient blood test, and learns that (GASP!) Troy has a son with Gina Gershon, in her best performance, who is almost exactly the same age as the son he lost! My convenient plot twist meter is in full effect right now kiddies, and I love it.

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The movie itself concludes in a climactic battle between the two Cages/Travoltas in an epic fight aboard speed boats and finishes off at a funeral filled with doves, which in all honesty, is the only way to be buried. The two men battle, the real Archer is victorious (bullshit) and winds up getting his real face back. He also adopts Gina Gershon/Castor Troy’s son and welcomes him into the Archer family, by wiping his dirty hands all the way down his face. Ever heard of Purell, guy? The climax settles everything down and crushes any hope of a sequel, as much I would’ve liked it. The performances given by Cage and Travolta in this move are simply fantastic in a crazy way. Travolta never really plays the villain all that often, and it was nice to see him take that approach. The same could be said for Cage, as he has fallen into the National Treasure type of character mold the past few years. It is a welcome change to see him do something different, even if it was in the past. Hopefully, if the gods will it and John Woo isn’t praising Chow Yung Fat’s penis, we may get another installment in the crazy life of Castor Troy and Shawn Archer. Even an Odd Couple style of sitcom would work for me. Now go out there and watch Face/Off. Just make sure to keep anything sharp away from you, lest you wake up as Nicolas Cage…in which case you will be visited by a swarm of bees.

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