Panel of the Day 3/6/2013


Hey there Evil Geeks. Here in the Evil Lair, we’re still kind of broken up about Damian Wayne shuffling loose this mortal coil. The little guy might have only been around for a few years, but in that short time he grew near and dear to our Evil, black, hearts. There was just something about him; he was a stone cold killer, but he was also just a child. Despite the gruff exterior demeanor, he was still a little kid, so he was prone to funny kid moments every now and then, such as the one we’re looking at in today’s Panel of the Day.

After a particularly brutal brawl in a slaughterhouse in Issue #1 of the latest run of Batman, Inc., Damian has a child-like moment of humanity upon freeing one of the otherwise doomed residents of the slaughterhouse:


I guess now that Damian’s gone, I’m willing to guess his pal Bat-Cow has an appointment with a burger joint in the near future. We’ll miss you, little buddy. See you soon Evil Geeks!

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