Evil Geeks Art Gallery – Super Duper Soldier

When last we visited the Evil Art Gallery, you were treated to the first in a series of collaborations between two of the finest artists the world has ever known. I implore you, take my hand as we delve deeper in the archives for another glimpse of the masters at work.

This week’s assignment? Recreate the cover of Captain America Comics #1.


I should have known better than to try and restrict the creativity of two auteurs such as these. I have only myself to blame for the beauty they have wrought upon this world.

First, we have Arthur Harkness’ glorious recreation. He adds a Super Nintendo-esque dynamism to the scene. Not content with a simple punch to the face, he depicts the good Captain gloriously uppercutting the reviled dictator. Der Fuhrer will certainly feel that one in the morning.


Next, feast your eyes on Messr. Biff Tannen’s interpretation of the famous image. While the original has a cavalier approach to the idea of a superhumanly strong warrior punching an aging Hitler, this version shows us the all-too-real result that would inevitably follow. Truly, war is hell.


When I ran these drawings through the Collabotron, it wept for 15 minutes before the printer released this wondrous image. I warn you, it is not for the faint of heart or the easily excited.


There are no words.

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