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Happy Weekend Fanboys and Fangirls!

Today’s panels come from this week’s Batman Incorporated #8 and includes some spoilers, so be warned!

Don't say we didn't warn you...

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

This issue hit all of fandom hard because of the death of such a great character; Damian Wayne. All of us who read comics know that in any issue your favorite hero could bite the dust, but it still stings none the less. Damian’s Robin really began to shine when he worked with Dick Grayson because it was such a different Batman and Robin dynamic than anything we had ever seen before. We were always used to a happy Robin and a brooding Batman, but with these two we got the opposite. Anyway, check out the panel below, which basically lets us see one last go round of Damian and Dick before the characters untimely death…

Damian and Dick... Thanks for the Memories!

Damian and Dick… Thanks for the Memories!

This is an example of what I always liked about Damian. Even though he was a badass little kid who could kill anyone he wanted, he really wanted to learn from the Bat-Family. Many fans always liked his relationship with Dick, and I am glad that Grant Morrison gave us this last interaction between the two. Even here at the end, Damian is playing the straight man and Dick still is acting like the Boy Wonder. For more on Damian, make sure you check out our “Wake” for the departed hero!

Til Next Time Nerds!

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